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    Now the James Hays of the previous page just happens to be my Greatgreatgreatgreatgrandfather.  On this page, I will tell you what I know about him:

     HAYS, James (son of William and Susanna) b. 15th, Oct, 1772, m. DRAGOO, Elizabeth b. 29th, Apr, 1774


      HAYS, Levi b. 10th, Dec, 1793, d. 12th, Nov, 1882 in Smithfield, WV, m. 24th, Sept, 1816 to JACK, Anna

      HAYS, Elizabeth, b. 24th, Aug, 1797,

      HAYS, Susannah, b. 27th, Sept, 1799

      HAYS, Sarah(Sallie) b. 12th, Jan, 1801

      HAYS, John Evans, b. 8th, May, 1804

      HAYS, Gilly Ann, b. 2nd, Feb, 1807, m. 12th, Sept, 1832 in Tyler Co, VA to ANDERSON, William

      HAYS, James N, b. 1812 VA, d. 1883 Limestone Co, TX m. 1834 in Brown Co, OH to GROGAN,
           Susanna (b. 11th, Jun, 1811 in Brown Co, OH, d. 6th, May, 1882 in Limestone Co, TX)

      HAYS, Edmund William, b. 8th, Oct, 1814 VA, d. in MN, m. 24th, Nov, 1836 in Tyler Co, VA to
          LANTZ, Susan

      HAYS, Malinda, b. 14th, Aug, 1816

Notes of Interest on Elizabeth Dragoo HAYS:   At the age of 12, her mother Elizabeth Straight DRAGOO, was taken captive in the Indian Raid of Oct. 1786 on Buffalo Creek.  Shortly before noon on Oct. 3rd, a party of nine Shawnee Indians came upon Mrs. Elizabeth Dragoo and her son William who were in "Jacob Straight's" field picking fodder beans.  The Indians overpowered them and led them a short distance away to prepare and ambush for anyone who might come looking for them.  Jacob Straight, Mrs. Dragoo's brother (who lived on Straight's Run) and Nicholas Wood (who lived across the hill on Woods Run) did come followed at some distance  by Mrs. Jacob Straight and daughter Margaret.  The Indians fired from ambush killing Wood and Straight.  Mrs. Straight and daughter escaped.  The Indians stole several horses from pastures on Pyles Fork and headed for David Gray's cabin with their two captives.  At Grays Run, they looted and burned the place, which frightened the horse that Mrs. Dragoo was riding.  She was thrown from the horse, breaking her hip.  At this point the Indians tomahawked and scalped her and then took the boy into captivity.  He lived with the Indians for abt. 20 yrs, married an Indian woman and had 4 children, two of whom came back with him to live on Buffalo Creek.


Next generation--Known Children of HAYS, James N. and Susanna Grogan:

     HAYS, Edmund C, b. 1834 in IN

     HAYS, Elizabeth, b. 1836 in IL

     HAYS, James Thomas, b. 1838 in Danville, Vermilion Co, IL, d. 1920 Garland, Dallas Co, TX
          m. KINDRED, Bettie Elizabeth, 1863 in Wilson Co, TN

     HAYS, Mary M. b. 1840 IN, d. 1909 Limestone Co, TX , m. SHRIVER, Adam 24th, Feb, 1867
          in Wilkinson, MS

     HAYS, Elmus b. 1848 IN

     HAYS, Gilly b. 1850 IN

Notes:  HAYS, James N and HAYS, James Thomas were Blacksmiths by trade.   In 1850 James N is found in Parke Co, IN census with his family and one nephew Elmus Straight who was also a blacksmith.  .There are some land records that show that James N and Susanna may have returned to the Wetzel Co, WV area whereas they were given land in 1855 and then in 1859 they gave the land to a brother-in-law of James N.  There is also a record that suggest they may have had another child in this time frame, but this child died in infancy.  James N and Susanna disappear until we find them in Limestone Co, TX cemetary in 1882 and 1883. 

Next generation--Known children of HAYS, James Thomas and Bettie Elizabeth Kindred:

     HAYS, Cora L, b. 1864 in TN

     HAYS, Sallie, b. 1865 in TN, d. before 1880

     HAYS, Nute S, b. 1867 in MS, d. before 1880

     HAYS, Benjamin Franklin, b. 1871 TX, m. 7th, Feb, 1897 to Catherine "Kate" Taylor in Kaufman Co, TX

     HAYS, Thomas S b. 1875 TX

     HAYS, Alva b. 1879, Limestone Co, TX,  d. Feb, 1880 in Limestone Co, TX

     Hays, Joseph M b. 1886, Dallas Co, TX

     Hays, Jeff D b. 1890, Dallas Co, TX

Notes for James Thomas:  Records show that he enlisted in the Wheat's Battalion of LA in the Civil War in 1861 in New Orleans, LA.  Apparantly met Bettie when his battalion was in Wilson Co, TN.   James and Bettie had 15 children, but only 5 lived to adulthood.