Volume Control Go To Download
This replaces the original component made by Danres. I used the original code supplied by Danres and made it look nicer.

  • Drag to change your volume.
  • Right click to mute or unmute.
  • Matches the theme you are using, no matter which theme you choose.

QuickMenu2 Go To Download
This component is like quick launch but it adds menu support.

  • Drag any number of files and folders into the component.
  • It does not matter what size the folder is, although it'll only show what it can on your screen.
  • Right click on a menu item to delete or rename.
  • Drag any menu item to rearrage the items.
  • Right click the title to change the button size.
  • Displays a list of links
  • If the link is a folder, clicking on it opens the menu of that folder
  • Right clicking gives you the options for each menu item
  • Small button support

Calendar Go To Download
This component will be your personal planner. It can plan entire projects, or wake you up in the morning. It is the complete calendar solution for dashboard and will not take up half the amount of room you'd expect.

  • To add an event, double click the date you wish to have that event on.
  • You can change all the parameters of an event simply within each event button.
  • You need managed directX 9 installed on your system for the sound to work.
  • Events with sub events
  • Colour based event priority
  • Percentage bar to see progress in each event
  • Recursive events for common tasks
  • Display events in almost any listing you can think of

Messenger Component Go To Download
This component complements MSN messenger or Windows Messenger by listing your contacts on dashboard.

  • You must have Windows Messenger 5.0 installed on your system, you do not need to use it but you need it installed. You must use either Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger for it to work at all.
  • Click on your name to change your status or preferences.
  • Click a group to minimize or maximize it.
  • Right click on a group to hide it.
  • Right click on a name to monitor that contact's actions.
  • Click on unread mail to open your inbox (Internet Explorer only. Sorry, MSN only opens hotmail in Internet Explorer)
  • Organizes alphabetically in groups.
  • Lets you scroll through contacts if they don't fit inside the component.
  • Groups can be opened or closed.