Get out of the day number one: Ok, to those of you who have a car, this is fairly simplistic. The only real work you have to do is finding something that you can do early in the morning for the entire length of time it takes you to leave for school, till the time your parents, brothers, sisters, animals, whatever, leave for their daily routine.?
Now... what you must do is get up, as if you're anticipating going to school... brush your teeth, eat breakfast, whatever so that no one suspects a thing of you. Now, you may leave out little tiny unnoticeable things that you do in the morning, that's ok, cos only you will know what's going on... make sure you know the time when your parents will be gone from the house and are no where in sight so that they will not see you and your floundering about self. Now, leave for school as appropriated, and drive around, go see a movie, whatever, until you're positive your parental units have left the building. Make sure there is no one around to catch you coming home, and going back to bed. Have a friend call you out sick. Make sure he/she sounds parent like so as there is no suspecting of you not being in school. Enjoy the rest of your day free as a bird! Just hope your parents don't come home early. Remember: do not answer the phone unless you have caller ID or you know who is calling you because you have special psychic powers that we all wish we had.

Get out of the day number two: your parents have left before you got up. Very easy, have a friend call you out. Lay low for the rest of the day.

Get out of the day number three: Go straight to the nurses office as soon as you get to school. Complain of severe stomach pain and cry out that you have to throw up. Once in the bathroom, you must act like you did throw up, at least a little bit. That way, you can pretend you're going to yack again... and they don't want that at these formal institutions.

Get out of the day number four: Once again, if you have a car... drive a bit of the way there, turn around come back. If your parents are home, head straight for the bathroom. Act like you threw up. Make alot of noise. Make yourself spew if you have to. If your parents aren't caught onto your "getting out of school" ways, then you will be able to stay home for the day.

Get out of the day number five: As soon as you get up, run straight for the bathroom. Refuse to leave. Wait until parents leave. Say you're so sick, and it is just really bad. If your parents demand you come out, lock the door, and don't open ever. Eventually they will leave for work, and you and your illness will be sleeping cozily in bed like a baby once again. If your parents are easygoing, they won't try to ground you, they will believe you when you tell them to go to work. If they're onto you and your deviant ways, they may try to ground you for being so disobedient. Again, you are able to get out of grounding. But that's a whole other webpage that I will have to make someday....

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