> Name calling, when you donít even know the person is the most absurd thing anyone can do just to show how stupid they truly are. Now, I have come across people within the past 3 weeks, that think they know me, but they donít. Now we shall go into these little peoples brains and try and pluck just what the hell theyíre thinking out of them ( this is a difficult task, as stupid people donít really think, so itís all a blob of shit in their little puny brains, and they only use 2% of it too).
First of all, I would like to clear it by simply stating that I am not name calling. I am stating a simple fact, these people are stupid, as are most people, but these people have an extra special gift of showing it even more obviously. We all know theyíre stupid, why deny it? Admittance is the first step. Does anyone know what the second one is? I have been trying to find this out, and nothing is helping me dammit! Do I have to actually go to an AA meeting? According to my mom I need it anyways, so hey! Whatever works.
Ok the first story does not apply anymore since I toook matters into my own hands and figured it all out. This kid is really sweet, and someone got their stories mixed up, so just pretend that this is an example, but he doesn't really exist. =)
Onto stupid person number 1: this kid my brother works with. Letís state now that this kid has never met me, I donít think he has ever seen me, and has talked to my brother like once or twice. So I am online one night, talking to this kid, I used to despise cos of his role in Lizís death, which is a complete mix up now, cos he didnít play a pivotal role in it. Minor character yes, but Iím not going into that. ANYWAYS, minor character dude asks me if I still want to kill him. Iím like what the fuck? This came from WHERE? I never said I wanted to kill him. Why would I? Even if he did play a major role in it, he can suffer more by living with the guilt. (Minor character, if youíre reading this, you know that I donít hate you or anything like that, and I donít think youíre living with guilt, and if you are, sorry). Anyways, I ask Minor Character why he would think this, and he says, that someone recently told him I did. It took a bit, but I pried it out of him, to find out it wasÖ dun dun dunÖ someone I have never even met! So here I am sitting at the computer pissed off, wanting to fly over to Clemens and see this kid face to face, and I find out, that this kid has talked to my brother once. I donít know how Minor character was involved in that conversation, but even if my brother talked to him, that means his sister wants to do everything he wants to? THINK STUPID PEOPLE THINK, OH YEAH YOU CANT! So the moral of this story is, donít spread shit if you donít even know the person. If you do know them, hate them, and want to make their life a living hell go for it. Just make sure it isnít me, cos you can sure as hell bet your ass that it will backfire and smack you right in your stupidly grinning face.
Stupid person number 2: This kid I once was friends with. Ok, now, just because you have some family issues, does not mean you take them out on me! Calling me a whore? Hi, since when did you know so much about me? Also, when did you become the know all be all on what makes me happy and how I feel about my life. Life sucks, so shove it, k? I am stuck here for god knows how long, but I am making the most of it. But see, this stupid person, thinks he knows everything, when he is one of the most inexperienced people I have ever met. Saying I do things for my satisfaction and not caring about how it might effect someone I care about is bullshit. I have hurt people, yes, but I donít intentionally hurt my friends. But he knows so much about me, that I guess he just skipped that part. STUPID. He called me a whore and tried to hurt me! For his own satisfaction! Anyways, I would like to point out the fact that a whore gets paid. I didnít get paid in my situation. And Iím talking the green stuff, and for you people out there wondering what the hell I am talking about, well letís just put it this way, this inexperienced stupid person is just incredibly confused, has to start visiting his psychologist more, and should learn to take out his insecurities on someone other then me. In other words, I am in no way a whore, and I donít know any whores, and probably never will. And by the way, the most vile thing in the world is not cheating as he says it is. I can come up with a million other things that are ten times worse then cheating. Thank you Jesus.
Example #3: Ok, I read an article in the latest issue of Marie Claire concerning Latino women who want to be re-virginized. Now what the hell is up with that? They want to have this surgery because they think that men in their country will want to marry them this way, because they will only marry a virgin at the altar. Ok, so um you had sex right? YOU HAD SEX YOU'RE NOT A VIRGIN! STUPID! These women wonder why they will always be considered illegal aliens and such. Because obviously they're too fucking STUPID to belong to the United States of America's advanced sense of life. My god, if he wants to marry you only if you are a virgin, rethink your damn decision and find out why you actually "love" this man. Meanwhile, the doctors performing this surgery, are laughing at your willingness to fork over a few thousand dollars because you are so pathetic. This angers me so much, because it's SO FUCKING STUPID!
Number 4: Customers at work who ask me if I work there. No I wear this fucking name tag cos I think it's so very fashionable. GET A CLUE STUPID!
Number 5: David on the Real World. Oh mi god this loser is screaming : I AM STUPID! Ok, can we be anymore annoying... do you know how STUPID you sound when you go in your stupid little I don't know what language "I can understand, cos I'm flowing..." Now what the hell is flowing? "Come on be my baby tonite?" hahahaha, flow it g flow it... OH MI GOD STUPID! Is this some way of making yourself look stupid cos your singing voice sucks and you make no sense on national television? Is that what it is? Because if that's what the goal is here, then congratulations! You have achieved it!
Number 6: Nurses that screw up my mom's surgery because theyre too illiterate to read papers and get them to the right place. Hi, my name is "I wish I was a doctor, but I'm a nurse, cos my dad got me into nursing school, cos I'm not too bright. *giggle* Like, when would you like to make your surgery? Oh mi goodness! I lost the paperwork. Silly me! STUPID! Ok, miss brilliant nurse. You ruined the week, made my mom even more stressed, and now caused even more problems with scheduling and shit. What would you like as your grand prize? I'd be happy to rip your head off if you'd like. I bet you would, seeing as you being the fucking stupidest nurse on the planet, you'd think that that was like * like a new surgery or something, hehe*. DIE STUPID PEOPLE WHO SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH THESE KINDS OF MATTER BECAUSE THEY DID NOT PASS SPECIAL ED- DIE!!!
Number 7: KMART EMPLOYEES ok, so for this godforsaken reason I went in there... to get one of those boyfriend pillow lounger things... Ok, it just so happens it is extra crowded there tonight, not to mention all these skanky gross white trash people who want to dress like little porn stars *YUCK!* were there... well... this one lady who worked there, miss latisha brown or whatever the hell her name was who was cashiering acted like it was the biggest deal in the fucking world, im like, ur job is pathetic. All you have to do is ring people up. Hell, on busy days at Kohl's, I rang people up AND i worked in like 3 departments. But did I go *humph* to every fucking customer? NO! *STUPID!* I'm 18 and I have better manners then some 40 year old bitch who can't get a real job and is stuck at K-Mart. The customer is always right, and lady you better bet your fat ass that if you piss me off, when I'm a customer, I'm going to make your life a living hell.
Iím sure this list of stupid people will grow as time lingers on, but for now, salutations and donít forget to write to me!

Agent Orange