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Hey, thanks for coming to our site, Krazy 4 Khleo, I hope you enjoyed all of our features and activities. If you liked this site please come again and please vote for us on Starpages.net, the link for voting is above, we could really use your help and we appreciate each vote & voter. Remember, I am not Khleo Thomas, I do not know Khleo either.. Please email us at there_sa4eva@yahoo..com we love to hear from you and we like yur feedback...thanks, bye

Discalimer: i am not in any way affiliated with Khleo Thomas and I'm not obsessed with him either.
I know hes agreat actor and I know hes hot and I know hes a sweet person but I do not think of him 24/7....just wanted to get that straight....have a good day!
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Hi everyone, welcome to Krazy 4 Khleo
Here you will find anything you need to know on this outstanding young actor and more son enjoy and please vote for me on starpages.net
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Okay, im just tellin yall that the site is NOT shutting down...I dont have much time to work on it but I'm doin what i can...just please be patient and I promise I wont stop updating but I cant be updating too often. Okay well I'm gonna try to work on it today cause I have some free time and what not. Well peace,