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Things u need to noe bout this Child: My name is onli known to my family and friends. U can call me wateva u want, just don't insult me. I was born in the year 89' so do the math and u'll get my age. I am a Gurl. I am representin the 613 area, and was born and raised in Canada. My nationality is 1/4 Cambodian, 1/2 Thai or Burmese (depending on which way u look at it) and 1/4 Chinese. The dailect of chinese I speak is "Chou Choi". It is not very common. I like to read, write, draw, cook, lookin at the night sky, and lookin at carz...^-^.
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RIP Blong..Forever Missed xoxo

xoxSpesho Shoutsxox

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Jin Ko's Love Buddie O.o