Muhammad establishes Islam in Medina

The following images of Muhammad was drawn by 16th century Turkish artists (ref: "Early Islam" by Desmond Stewart. 1967.  Time-Life Books.  From the series Great Ages of Man).

Life in Medina!

The Medinans roll out their welcoming mat to Muhammad and his man.

Mohammad's camel chose the house of Abu Ayyub -- a commoner -- in Medina

Muhammad and his Sahabas built a mosque in Medina.  The prophet had helped clear the land and he also laid the brick.  As the Sahabas worked tirelessly, they chanted songs in praise of Allah

Archangel Gabriel returns to Muhammad.  He tells the Prophet to use human voice for prayer call -- the Adhan

In Medina, Muhammad gives Khutba -- the sermon -- in the newly built mosque

While archangel Azraiel, the death angel, sits anxiously with a sad face next to the dying prophet, Fatima, the prophet's only child, grieves standing next to Muhammad.


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