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Administrator Password in Windows XP: how to reset it if you forget (Part 5)

Linux boot disks: (3) Austrumi 0.84

Topics on this page:

Methods to reset the Administrator or administrative user password (continued from Part 4)



Methods to reset the Administrator or administrative user password

(continued from Part 4)

5.3. Austrumi 0.84

This is another Linux boot CD (59 MB) with some tools and a Linux operating system run from the CD. You need to burn the ISO to CD first and type nt_pass to boot into the NT password recovery tool (if you don't type it fast enough it will auto-boot into Linux).

It is very similar to the tool in EBCD (more similar than Offline NT Password and Registry Editor) and caused the same error in VMWare and similar error messages in Linux. When booted in a non-virtual environment the initial boot screen could not be seen in all the attempts (fig. 1).

Austrumi 0.8.4 boot screen

Fig. 1. Austrumi 0.8.4 boot screen


The rest is similar to EBCD and it successfully blanked the Administrator password.



It is rather similar to EBCD in function and ease of use. Comparing the three Linux tools, Offline NT Password and Registry Editor differs from the other two in that you select the installation with a number and not by typing the path in Linux (which is not difficult). The steps and errors, speed and success rate are similar for all three.




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