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Right Click Menu Extension in Windows XP

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Registry entries



When you right click your mouse in Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer a context sensitive menu pops up. It can be customised by software installations, left over after uninstall and unintentionally hijacked. The menu is different in Explorer and IE and may vary depending on where you right click from and what you right click on.

You can remove entries you don't want by manually deleting the registry keys. There are quite a few and except IE almost all are in the Class Root (HKCR) hive. It is possible to search in regedit using the item words but it is quicker if you know where to find them. The HijackThis tool (discussed in my articles on IE hijack) will also pick these up.


Registry entries

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer\MenuExt

I've not seen any entries in the HKLM key (similar subkeys; absent by default) but increasingly hijack objects write to this key as well so it would be well worth checking this too.


Windows Explorer

They are almost all under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (abbreviated as HKCR below) and there may be more subkeys under each key. Manually go through them and delete any unwanted entries. Be careful not to remove any entries which are used by Windows by default. If you're not sure, make a system restore point and back up the registry key first.



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