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Coincidences & Oddities page updates:


Pre 9/11 - The CIA had more than 100 Afghans acting as spies before Sept. 11 a top former CIA official said.


January 13, 2000 - The president of CBS News warns about how computer-generated techniques can make airplanes crashing look "so real."


August 4, 1999 - Abraham Zapruder's Ties To CIA and Lee Harvey Oswald


9/11 (2:00 pm) - FDNY knew WTC 7 was going to collapse.


9/11 (3:00 pm) - Several demolition teams reach Ground Zero and later witness the collapse of the WTC 7.


Spring 1995 - An Air Force college professor advocates incorporating 'TV fakery' into the military's arsenal.


September 27, 1998 - Sportvision's live video overlay technology that creates the illusion that a yellow first-down line is painted on the field debuts.


1999 - The media starts warning the public about the use of audio and TV fakery by the military.


2000 - The media starts warning the public about live TV broadcasts being altered by video-manipulation technology.


9/11 (9:38am) - A squadron of NORAD fighter planes from Langley AFB were sent east over the Atlantic Ocean and were 150 miles from the Pentagon when it was hit, further from where they took off.


9/11 - Hurricane Erin was over the Atlantic Ocean, the longest-lived hurricane in the 2001 Atlantic hurricane season.


September 13, 2001 - The news first reports that one of Flight 93's alleged engines was found "nearly intact" in the woods at a "considerable distance" from the crash site in which the FBI had to haul it out using a "winch on a bulldozer" all before a nearby pond was searched, but then the official story will later change it to an "engine fan" being found in the pond.

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Dec '08 - YouTube shutdown account most WTC crash videos were linked to.


July '08 - New WTC 7 collapse videos page.


Nov '07 - New TV-Fakery series:  How NOT to Fake Plane Crash Videos


Sept '07 - New YouTube account created


May '07 - 911movement.org forum back up


May '07 - New MySpace account set up


April '07 - Pics added to the NIST WTC 7 collapse report


March '07 - Someone is impersonating Killtown with hate emails.


March '07 - New blog created:  Hoodwinkedatshanksville.blogspot.com


March '07 - YouTube terminates Killtown's account.


September '06 - Yahoo! terminated the email and Geocities URL for the Penta-Lawn 2000! and the Pentanium Cable Spools homepages because of rules violation.


September '06 - New blog created:  Flight93Photo.blogspot.com


April '06 - Killtown's Flight 93 page has changed again from "What really happened to Flight 93?" to "Did Flight 93 Crash in Shanksville?" to get away from the shoot down rumor distraction and focus on the most critical point.


January '06 - Killtown homepage was threatened to be terminated by Yahoo! on the eve of explosive news.


September '05 - Killtown has changed blog locations from MySpace to Blogspot.


August '05 - Killtown will use killtown.911review.org as it's main URL and will be mirrored at thewebfairy.com/killtown.


May '05 - Killtown's WTC 7 page has changed from "Was the collapse of WTC 7 a controlled demolition?" to "Was the WTC 7 pulled?"


April '05 - 9/11 Review.org is back up under new ownership and will continue to mirror this site at killtown.911review.org.


March '05 - Killtown's mirror site at 9/11 Review.org seems to be no more.  No word on what happened to this site.  Killtown for now will only be hosted at The Web Fairy.


January '05 - Killtown's mirror site at home.earthlink.net/~killtown/ is gone. 


September '04 - Killtown's Flight 93 page has changed from "Was Flight 93 shot down?" to "What really happened to Flight 93?" in light of new evidence.


June '04 - The Killtown earthlink mirror will be used as it's main site and most recent updates for now.  The Web Fairy and 9/11 Review.org mirrors will still be used as backup mirrors.


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November '03 - Due to bandwidth issues on The Web Fairy's server, this site's new home will be on 9/11 Review.org's site.


September '03 - Killtown was knocked offline at killtown.b0x.com The Web Fairy has generously donated web space to host this website.  Many thanks to The Web Fairy!


August '03 - The rest of Killtown pages are back up at a new URL.  Hopefully this new web host will be more reliable than at Koolpages.  The main index page and an address to link all pages will still be at the Geocities URL's just in case the new web host shuts downs for any reason.


June '03 - Killtown was knocked offline again at it's last Koolpages.com address (koolpages.com/killtown911/).

I will not be using Koolpages.com or any of it's affiliates to host my site since it seems to be unreliable.  I guess that's what you get when you use a free web hosting company.


February '03 - Killtown was knocked offline at the following address: koolpages.com/killtown/