Kim and Gary's House

Kim and Gary have lived together in their house in Dudley (in the UK) for over a year now. They moved in offically on August 8, 2003. You most likely know the big complicated story about what happened and how Kim was at the house for three months before then (from Jan 2003-April 2003) and then went back to NY again until August. But they're not going to bore you with that again. Most of these pictures were taken by Gary to show Kim what different things in the house looked like. The rest of them were taken by Kim so her family could see what the house and things in (and out) of the house were like. To see bigger versions of the picture, just click away! The pictures that are in each section all go to the same page, so if you click on a picture that is second or third or even fourth in the section, you'll have to scroll down to see them. Have fun!

PS Thanks to Meghan for picking out colors even though they didn't end up in this page :) But they did end up on all the other pages.

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