The hardest thing we do is place our much-loved charges with new families.  We never take this lightly.  If we have allowed you to adopt one of our fuzzy children, then you know that you have a special place in our hearts.  Our circle of friends is ever-widening, and that is the fun part of the pygmy goat world.
Kimani Caprine's Venezuelan Oreo
At home with the Leemaster Family
Kimani Caprine's Timiza Ahadi
Kimani Caprine's Tamirat
Adored by Whitney Hinkle
Hawthorne Acre Treasure
Spoiled rotten by Greta Randol
B-Good Pygmy's Tiny Dancer
Being spoiled by Liz Bettencourt
Stonebrook Knee High's Power Stroke
(Renamed Tuffy)
at home with Liz Bettencourt
Perfect Love Sabian
Kimani Caprine's Teshi
Loved by Sue & Rick Bergquist
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Stuart Little
At home and loved by the Ledbetters
Kimani Caprine's Where's Waldo
Kimani Caprine's Wyatt
At home and being spoiled by the Ledbetters
B-Good Pygmy's Vanna Grey
Being loved by Lynn Braziel
B-Good Pygmy's Princess
Making beautiful babies for
Greta Randol
Scenic Farms Enchantress
Being loved by Nolan Parker
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Kimani Caprine's Tala Tala
At home with Liz Bettencourt
Kimani Caprine's X-Caliber
Making babies for the Parker Family and
Cascade 4-H Club, Linn County, Oregon
Felds Chava Java
Chomping pasture for the Tilgner family
Kimani Caprine's Yasmin Bleat
being pampered by
Polly Schultz & staff
Kimani Caprine's Yoshiko
Happily at home with Amber Allen
Kimani Caprine's X-Ellen-T
Delighted to be at home with Carrie Koonrad
Kimani Caprine's X-Stacy
Being spoiled by Dean Harman
Red Head Goats Tilly
Red Head Goats Spot
Loved and adored by Karen Vlasak
Weldon's Merry Menagerie Sassafras
Kimani Caprine's Wednesday
Kimani Caprine's Xerox
Lovingly cared for by Marissa and Hayley Mode
Kimani Caprine's VC Boston Rob
Living in luxury with Camille and Ryan
Weldon's Merry Menagerie Tanner
Probably beating up his new goatie companion
Kimani Caprine's Wraven
Twin Arrow Nina
Taking care of babies for
Lauren Heinatz
Kimani Caprine's Zoomer
Soon to be at home with
Carrie Koonrad
Kimani Caprine's Zodiac
Waiting to go home with
Dean and Bethany Harman
Loved and adored by, and making babies for
Larry and Betty Propeck