Useful Links for Psychology Undergraduates Applying to Graduate School
NIH certification This is for human subjects ethics certification- it is required for all RAs who may be running subjects.

ETS website for GRE info In case you need information
Registration information This says how to register for the general test and has other information about how to take the test
    Subject tests information This says how to register for the subject test, when it is offered, etc.
Click here to read why GRE score is so important!

You may want to consider joining a professional association and perhaps attending a conference.  This looks good on your CV because it shows you are dedicated to your field.  SIOP and AOM are probably the two most relevant and have affordable student rates.  SIOP membership requires APA membership, but is generally recognized as the most relevant I/O Psychology society.
SIOP website
Conference website
Become a member
APA website
Conference website
Become a member
AOM website
Conference website
Attending a professional conference is also useful. Aside from adding it to your CV. you will have a better idea of potential topics to study, have a head start when you get into graduate school, show commitment to the field of I/O, determine if you are truly interested in a research degree, and network.  If you can work with a graduate student or prepare your honors thesis to submit a paper to a conference, that is even better!  SIOP probably has the lowest acceptance rate.  A regional meeting of AOM (SMA, for example) has pretty high acceptance rates and make really good first presentations. 

Most research universities provide funding for undergraduates to attend national conferences and to help support their research (e.g., printing costs).  Check with your psychology department and honors college, if you have one.

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