Training Materials
Steps in the Reasearch Project

Formulate an idea by reviewing the literature

b) Obtain, read, and
critique relevant articles

Design the study
   My thesis- you need to SKIM this for the assignment.  Skip the section called "exploratory analyses."

Ethical considerations This is a two-part assignment

Collecting data

f) Entering data
SPSS Tip Sheet 1- Building a database and cleaning raw data
- Cross-checking using Excel

g) Coding data
- Determining reliability or agreement between raters

h) Analyzing the data using SPSS
- SPSS Tip Sheet 2 - basic analyses (reliability, correlations, means and sds, skewness and kurtosis)
- SPSS Tip Sheet 3 - hypothesis testing (t-tests, anova, and basic regression)
SPSS Tip Sheet 4- advanced regression (hierarchical and moderated, validating a regression line)
Using Excel to plot regression interactions

i) Writing a scale
- SPSS Tip Sheet 5 - choosing items  (item-total correlations, item variances, social desirability)
- SPSS Tip Sheet 6 - validating a scale (construct, content, criterion)
              - rotation in factor analysis
- Brief IRT tutorial

j) Writing up the project in APA format
- Reference Section
- Tables
- Method Section
- Overall format and tips

k) Presenting the project as a poster
- Sample formats
- Tips for writing your poster
- Practicing your presentation