Annette Bening Trivia

See if you can answer the questions below. Let me know how well you do!

1. How many movies does Annette appear in along with Ben Kingsly?
*2, Bugsy and What Planet Are You From

2. True or false?: Annette and Garry Shandling are good friends.

3. What job did Annette have while in college?
*a cook of a charter boat

4. What kind of car does Annette drive?
*a white BMW convertible

5. How many times has she been nominated for a Golden Globe?

6. True or False?: Annette and Warren were nominated at the 1992 MTV movie award for Best Kiss in Bugsy.

7. True or False?: As a childe Annette had a dog named Spotty.

8.Who was Annette married to before she married Warren?
*J. Steven White

9. Where did Annette grow up?
*San Diego, CA

10. Where did Annette and Warren live briefly in 1994?

11. True or false?: Annette and The Siege director Ed Zwick are good friends.

12. Who did Annette lose to at the 2000 oscars?
*Hilary Skank, I mean Swank

13.What is Annette's job in In Dreams?
*author/illustrator of childrens books

14. How long did Warren say it took to fall in love with Annette?
*5 minutes

15.Which American Beauty co star was also in Guilty By Suspicion along with Annette?
*Chris Cooper

I will post the answers to these questions every month ...check back to see how many you got right!

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