All about Kim
Well as you can see, I like Coca-Cola.  In fact it is one of my hobbies.  I collect lots of memorabilia, and anything I can find that has to do with Coke.  I'm not too fond of the polar bears, I'm into the nostalgic stuff.

Most of my collection, unfortunatly, is reprinted newer stuff.  The oldest thing I have is probably my glass 2liter bottle, complete with lid.  I have about 8 six-pack
commemorative bottle sets.  Most still filled with coke.

I pick up anything I see with the Coca-Cola script on it.  I have many magnets, cards, and little ceramic knick-knacks.
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This picture was given to me by a friend who is stationed in Kuwait right now.
In fact he took this there.
Thanks Darryl... :)
The secret 7x ingredients
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