Tosa Inu
This page is all about our family dog Lestat.  His breed is Tosa Inu, a japanese sub-breed of the Mastiff.  Over the last 100 years or so they took some of the Americas' large breeds and began cross-breeding, and ended up with what we have here as the final result.  He is very loyal, and quite protective.  Nothing but a big puppy really.

These dogs are very expesive, and hard to find.  You can't just pick one up at the pet store.  For more information on Tosas, I have a few links you can check out.  I will also be adding pics of Lestat as they become available. 

Hope you enjoy!!
Lestat at 8 months
Lestat at 3 months
Cool facts about Tosa's in Germany
Breed information
His first webcam pic
This is Lestat's Dad
and his sister
Lestat at the park Oct. 2001
More Tosa info
Lookin' like the King of dogs--May 2002
Beautiful portrait~~October 2002