My Family
Here are some pictures of my immidiate family.
From right to left is my younger sister Chandra, my Mom, and my baby sister Jill.  This was taken Thanksgiving of 2000.
From right to left again, we have my stepdad, my stepbrother Jim, and my great-aunt Mimi.  Also taken Thanksgiving 2000
This is the older of my two youngest sisters.  Her name is Carrie and is the only one of the five of us who made it to college.

She goes to Pitt state and lives in one of those great college houses with 4 other roomies.  To see a pic of it just put your mouse on Carrie's senoir portrait.
We saw Jill at the top, but wanted to do her justice and show her senior portrait.  This one is my favorite, but pretty.  If you want to see a more glamourous shot, just hold the mouse over the Jill's picture.
Updated Photos