This page is dedicated to my friends!!

I have made many friends in my 35 years, even some from grade school I keep in touch with.  Here I will place photos and  pertinant or even goofy info I can think of.

If any of my friends are visiting this page and you don't see your pic on it, I probably don't have a copy of one. 
So send it!
This is Hilary, who I met here in germany, and her hubby John.  Abby was born January 3, 2001
One of my long-term and closest friends Anisa.  I met her back in 1992
Anisa with her two girls.  That's Savannah on the left, in summer of '99.  With Mackenzie on the right around spring of '97.
This is Anisa and Kathleen.  She is also one of my good friends, but only recently.  Kathleen and Anisa have known each other since they were 12.  In the last few years of knowing her, we have gotten closer.
Chandra pictured with her fiance' Dan, her two girls, and Dans son Justin.
I think they must be St. Louis Blues fans!.
This is another close friend of mine.  I met her when Jason and I were stationed at Scott AFB  I haven't gotten to see her much since moving to Germany, but we talk everyday.
This is Justin, actually an ex-boyfriend, but we have remained good friends since then. 
You may recognize the guy on the right as Kevin from the Backstreet Boys.
Depending on how well informed you are on Hollywood news, you might know that the girl he married is Kristen Willits.

Well, I went to high school with her, and had her in a couple classes.  She was in every play, as well as help SMNW make state in gymnastics two years in a row
Congrats on the stardom!
Did you see her on
Angel last season?
Now, I've known Cheryl since Kindergarten.  I just hooked up again with her recently, and am glad to be in touch again!
Another friend I made while at Scott AFB.  She actually lives in Chicago, but came to visit me a few years ago.
I miss her very much, and hope to see her when I visit the USA soon.
She's pregnant again, due near Abby's 2nd birthday!
Karen is one of my friends I made in germany.  Her and her hubby PCS'd back to the states.  I hope to get to see them again soon.
One of our newest friends, but probably one of our closest.  AJ worked with Jason on Ramstein and Monica is his new bride.  Monica is German, and together they have some great kids!
My bestest friend from Germany!  She had to leave right before us, so thankfully I didn't have to miss her in Germany long.  She and I are a few states away and I hope to see her this summer.  Love you babe!
Jeannie's kids.....this is Zandra and Kota.  I got to babysit them often and have come to love them like my own.