Groovy...what exactly did that mean?
Did that mean wearing dark brown corduroy pants to school, with a matching striped shirt? Getting up early enough to watch Captain Kangaroo, or Romper Room. Playing your favorite 8-track or 45 when you got home. Or as I recall, making sure that Barbie had that 4 story cardboard dreamhouse of hers.

There was nothing better than getting up on Saturday morning to watch those cheesy Sid & Marty Krofft shows.  I never missed the Bugaloos, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, or HR Pufnstuf.  Although, I have to say Land of the lost was my favorite.

I also had my share of teen idols I was sure to marry. There was, Andy Gibb, Shaun Cassidy, the Fonz, Scott Baio, and John Travolta.   Grease was definatly the word for me.  And I tried to be like Sandy every day.

I wanted a family like the Bradys, and the Partridges.   A Dad like the Bionic man, and a dog like Benji.   I watched the Incredible Hulk, but had a soft spot for David Banner.   Janet was having Good Times, long before becoming Ms. Thing.

My grandma had a VW van that we took to the drive-in.   I remember seeing The Rescuers, Aristocats, and late one night Phantasm.   Even later still, when my sister and I were supposed to be sleeping in the back...well you know.

My babysitter had the coolest room.   Psychedelic posters, butterflies, and a lava lamp.   In fact, I remember hearing a song that I instantly fell in love with, in her room.   Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks.    Well, that's my little visit to the past.   Hope you enjoyed the ride.

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