As you guys have known, Lee Hom has just released a new album "Forever's First Day". As part of the ongoing promotion, SonyMusic Taiwan has invited Lee Hom to write a diary to his fans about his life and the new album.

The articles that you are about to read can also be found on SonyMusic Taiwan's website as well as the Mandarin translation of the articles.

Here are the parts to the diary so far and more will be coming along. So do re-view this page again soon as i will be adding them as soon as possible. Click on the parts below. Happy reading.

Part 1 Part 6 Part 11 Part 16 Part 21 Part 26
Part 2 Part 7 Part 12 Part 17 Part 22 Part 27
Part 3 Part 8 Part 13 Part 18 Part 23 Part 28
Part 4 Part 9 Part 14 Part 19 Part 24 Part 29
Part 5 Part 10 Part 15 Part 20 Part 25 Part 30

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