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12/31/08 ~ Wednesday 3:57 pm - Tokyo ~ 1:57 am - NY EDIT

Status: busy ~ Listening to: Anata ga Koko ni iru Riyuu - Rie Fu (D.Gray Man ED5) Listen or Save

Con Report for Comiket 2008!

    [ + ] Sunday, December 28 and Tuesday, December 30

Got up the convention report for Comiket. There isn't that much information or pictures in the report itself since there wasn't alot going on. (Well, there was tons of stuff going on, but not much to write about. ^^; If a post is needed about the differences between US cons and Comiket, I will write about it some other time. Otherwise, the con report is complete. Gallery will be posted tonight or tomorrow. ^.^ Most likely tomorrow since I'm going out soon. ^.^

EDIT: Comiket gallery is up! ^.^ Its in the usual viable page.

January BL calendar up!

It's already the last day of the year and I finally have my first month up. ^.^ I'll post them as I complete them. The only change from the past years to my BL theme for 2009 is that I took away the little gray strip from the bottom of the picture. That way, we'll see more of the picture. ^.^ I don't think I'll do a guy/girl theme this time unless there is a call for it. If you would like calendar made by me, let me know. ^.^

I opened the year with a Loveless picture for more reasons then one. First, Ritsuka's birthday was the 21st and I didn't do anything to celebrate it. *cries* There will be a little Ritsuka-themed New Year's entry tomorrow so please look forward to it! ^.^ Something special for the week? Maybe....

12/30/08 ~ Tuesday 7:35 pm - Tokyo ~ 5:35 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Heartbreaking Romance - Kanako Itou (Hatenkou Yuugi OP) Listen or Save

Vampire Knight at an end

I watched the ending to Vampire Knight yesterday...and I was o.O over the ending. No, it wasn't a major shocker, I just don't understand why Yuki did what she did. (Perhaps if I knew the Japanese I would understand more...but anyway.... ^^;) Things seem to be quite resolved, but I'm just not satisfied with this ending. I want more. ^.^ But the ending itself was funny with the three vampires from the committee going with Kuran-sama, fighting over his bag, etc. Kaname has his own servants! No surprise there.... ^.^ No other spoilers from me! *runs away*

Ai no Kusabi...anime! Again? Yay!

BL classic Ai no Kusabi already has an OVA. Very dated, but actually pretty good for it's time. The novels have been one of the best/strongest BL stories and it's no surprise that they're picking it up again. Animevice weighs in on the news with 13 episodes. OVA? TV series? I'm hoping for OVA...but the releases are so irregular! *thinks of Okane ga Nai* I want an OVA since there is less censorship and we can have 'deeper' sex in the scenes. ^.^ But with a tv series, I can watch it as it comes out. I picture a late timeslot similar to Junjou at 2am...but I want smexy steamy scenes too.... In any case, awesome news!

BTW, I agree with the commenter on animevice: Iason looks really pale in the picture. Riki looks awesome but hopefully there will be some character design changes with Iason. I actually like him in the OVA. Bold, beautiful. Something closer to the novel illustrations. *stares at book 4*

12:30 am - Tokyo ~ 10:30 am 12/29 - NY ~ Status: calm

Comiket? No commento..for now.

*makes zipping of mouth motion* (More on it tomorrrow or the day afterwards. ^.^)

gifts given

After waking up at almost noon, I did a quick cleaning of my room (mostly picking up the insane amount of hair from the ground that fell from my head) since one of my Japanese friend's was coming over. I met her at the station with her on a bike with her son in the back seat. Kawaii! He greeted me by name...with only a few 'iie!' towards me today. ^.^ Yay! Improvement! We headed to a soba restaurant for lunch...but I ordered shrimp tempura udon. FYI, they also had something called 'soba ice' but they were all out. The woman serving us gave us oranges instead and even gave me a calendar for the new year. ^_^

We came over to my place where I gave the son his gift of two 'Thomas the Tank Engine' picture books. He quieted down right away (eating lunch with him was NOT easy today, but my friend handled the situation very well.) Turns out, I can see the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office from my balcony. A Tokyo landmark in my skyline...and I never even noticed! (I noticed the 'twin towers' view at night due to the lights, but it never hit me that was what the building was until my friend pointed it out. Sugoi!)

Japanese department store is gift love

They rode the bike back home while I went to meet them at the station and we headed to Shinjuku to help me pick out a gift for my co-worker's mother in Miyazaki. I have alot to be grateful for her about. ^.^ In the department store, there is a floor filled with sweets and desserts...and I could have them shipped from there! Sugoi! No running with the package to the post office, they'll stick a thank you note in (along with the 'Happy New Year' message since it was a New Years snack) and it'll be sent. Don't know how long it'll take, but at least that is done.

RPG FMVs evenings

Watched Digital Devil Saga game 1 and 2 yesterday and already e-mailed my godsister about my thoughts about the games. I watched half of Eternal Sonata tonight with my apartment mate. Will watch the rest of it with her tomorrow or the day afterward. It was good...although the story was kinda slow in starting up. An entire prelude about mountains, flowers...the setting.... *stares at the screen* Hiyaku! lol Look forward to seeing what happens. Totally drooled over some of the outfits...the cosplayer inside of me wants to make Polka's outfit...maybe. ^^;

12/27/08 ~ Saturday 10:50 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:50 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Motto Hade Ni Ne - Tomatsu Harauk (Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maidens OP) Listen or Save

Code Geass returns? Yay!

You guys probably caught this already concerning the news of more Code Geass. It's only a tidbit since we don't even know what the 'more' means. No extra info about a movie, OVA, another series...but anything is awesome. I don't have an opinion whether it should be a retelling or a continuation, but more is good. If Lelouch returns (in my dreams...with Suzaku in tow) that would be awesome so double yay for this piece of news.

a day of rest

After squealing-in my head-over Junjou Romantica last night, I went to sleep. (No spoilers, but that last scene was too awesome for words. Next week last episode! Can't wait!) Woke up at 2pm in the afternoon and chatted with people online before watching Jigoku Shoujo and leaving to buy landry powder. I went to the rental office so my apartment mate can pay rent before heading to the grocery store. I bought some more groceries and the powder. I have mikan aka. oranges! ^.^

Comiket prep

I did the landry and made my dinner. After my yummy dinner of beef patty with rice, veggies, egg, I hung my landry all over my room to dry. (No, I'm NOT hangings my panties out on the balcony for Japanese perverts to see. ^^;) Then I ironed my pants and jacket for tomorrow and sew the tail onto the pants. Then I got everything that I need to bring for tomorrow. I may or may not have updates tomorrow. I will only be attending Sunday and Tuesday comiket since there isn't anyone I want to see on monday. (Also, I need to thank my two Japanese friends. They're coming over on Monday and we're going out to eat. ^.^)

I need to register to enter the cosplay section so I'm hitting the doujinshi area first. I'm going to be meeting up with people at 10am near the gate of the train station. Traveling takes about an hour so I'm waking up at 7:30am and leaving by 8am. I rather be early then late. ^.^ Anyway, I'll have my DS to keep me occupied on the line. Yes, there will be a line, but tickets are free. ^.^ I can't wait to see everything! *runs around the room*

12/26/08 ~ Friday 10:45 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:45 am - NY

Status: tired ~ Listening to: TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT - Beat Crushers (Bleach OP4) Listen or Save

More food pics! And others....

I took lots of pics...and again they're mostly food. (Well, my previous co-workers love food so I thought it would be good to share pics of them. ^.^) Click on this link to get pics of the food I've been eating since my last food post. Click here if you want some pics of places...and even a pic of me! ^.^

walking in Shibuya

I headed over to Mandarake Shibuya branch today for searching...and discovered Loveless vol. 4 and 5. Add that to yesterday's buys, I only need vol. 1, 2 and 6 to complete it. ^.^ Yay! I also bought Dear Myself and World's End by Eiki Eiki-sensei (from Book Off nearby) and Saihate no Kimi e from Mandarake. Shopping done, I wandered around Shibuya for awhile, stopping by a few arcades, watched people try their skills at the UFO machines (because you need skill...and lots of 100 yen coins.) I even went to the Disney store which was AWESOME inside. It looks like you're in an exhibit in Disney World. It wasn't extremely large, but they have some rare items for sale (pricy Mickey/Minnie wedding statuettes among other things) and the way the stairs circle upwards absorbed me along with the Disney tunes that were playing. ('Part of Your World' was one of them. ^.^) I didn't take pics inside the store (since I didn't know if I was allowed) but the outside pic is in the above uploads. Tired from my expedition, I headed to my friend's place, stopping first to eat dinner: bi bim don, (photo in the above mix.)

There was still alot of time before I meet my friend, so I relaxed at the Dounut store (a chain store/cafe in Japan.) Of course, I had hot chocolate. ^.^ I also played games on my cell and DS to kill time. Meeting up with my friend, I gave her the red turtleneck I bought her and talked with her friend (that was there watching figure skating with her) about X-Japan since she was a fan. (Confused? There were two people that I saw tonight.) Shortly afterwards, I came home. *yawn* Going to rest a bit before watching Junjou Romantica tonight.... ^.^

12/25/08 ~ Thursday 10:00 pm - Tokyo ~ 8:00 am - NY

Status: hyper ~ Listening to: Japanese TV

Meri Curisumasu!

In Japan, it's all about cake and couples for the holidays...and here are one of my fav couples from Junjou Romantica. Santa Misaki in Usami's arms...the sweetness of the holidays.

cellphone is partial love

Long story short, I went from monthly plan back to prepaid. The phone is flat and white...and not a flip phone which is sooooo not me. But I'll deal. I'm looking to decorating it with butterflies and black things. Or maybe a black case. I'm sure I can find one in Akiba somewhere. ^.^ I don't plan on making lots of calls with this phone, but it's unlimited incoming calls. ^-^ Yay! I'm part of society now!

Loveless is LOVE

After having katsudon for lunch, we went to Nakano Broadway for the Mandarake store. At the manga/BL section, I boogled down and found Gakuen Heaven: Calling You by Higuri You-sensei and Princess Princess vol. 5 by Tsuda Mikiyo-sensei. I also found...vol. 3, 7 and 8 limited edition, Loveless manga. O.O Of course, I bought them all. I also found Loveless the novel and couldn't help and get it. ^^; In the doujinshi store, I picked up Kouga Yun-sensei's Tornado doujins 1, 2 and 4. There were other Kouga-sensei's works, but I bought enough for one day. I'm splurging...but only on this. Walked all over the store and checked out the cards area, cosplay shops and artbook shop which were fun to go through. Picked up curry pan to eat on the way home which was yummy as I imagined.

tomorrow's plans

I'm going to head over to Mandarake in Shibuya (the largest one in Tokyo) tomorrow to look for more things. I need to return a rolling school bag to my friend and give her the UNI QLO gift. Need to pick up an extension cord and a landrey bag. Busy tomorrow...no surprise. ^.^

plans for tonight

After dinner, I'm going to be calling okaasan and amity and co. from the payphone. Need to give okaasan my address so that she can ship stuff to me. ^^; Afterwards, I'll be setting up my cellphone to make it MINE. *dances around the room happily*

1:30 am - Tokyo ~ 11:30 pm 12/24 - NY ~ Status: sleepy ~ Listening to: silence

busy day

My roommate loves to walk all over the city...and I love to save money. She is also very patient so I'm very grateful to her. She accompanied or led me through all my tasks today. We went to Harajuku and I decided to buy a phone with a contract (that is cancelable any time O.o) rather then a pre-paid one. Why? The yearly costs in the long run is about $10 (USD) more...but I get a phone I like. A really expensive phone. I'll write more about my phone once I get it...because I don't have it yet. Can't get a phone without an ID card, remember? *headdesk* I swung by the UNI QLO in Harajuku and bought my friend a gift (the one that housed me for over a week) and we WALKED to Shibuya and then WALKED BACK to Harajuku. To check out cellphones among other things. (Don't ask, I'm an idiot.) We had dessert crepes and I saw the Shibuya 109. My friend even took me to an electronics store in Harajuku that allowed free internet searching (for up to 30 minutes.)

Then we rode to Nakano where I applied for an alien registration card. I bought a green certificate as proof of my application (so I can get my cell tomorrow) and we had dinner at Mos Burger. (Chili burger was so yummy!) We walked back to our apartment where we got ready to go to her friend's French convo lesson at the cafe. We bought a chocolate cake (because Christmas is all about cake...and couples) to the cafe. It was not a lesson setting and it just gave everyone (these really talented Japanese people) a chance to converse in pure French. It was an interesting evening. I understood little to nothing (that's how I am most of the time anyway) and just soaked in the unique atmosphere. French in Japan....

One the way back, I had warm corn soup in a can from one of the vending machines. I love it! So nice on a cold evening.... Tomorrow will be another round of Harajuku and possibly Nakano Broadway since my roomie wants to check out Mandarake. *yawn* Sleeping now...oyasumi!

12/23/08 ~ Tuesday 11:15 pm - Tokyo ~ 9:15 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Mr. Children on tv

my own apartment

I moved all my stuff over to my new apartment. Turns out, my apartment mate is a NEWs/Kanjani8/Arashi fan that loves to buy the magazines and stare at there pictures. She loves to sing the songs but haven't gone karaoke yet...although she wants to. (BTW, she is French and speaks English well.) Iceblueaya, I think I found you a new friend. ^.^ We had a fun time sharing our fav Arashi songs and looking at pictures. She is also a major Hello Kitty fan and knows Japanime so I think we established our friendship quite well. ^.^

After cleaning the room, I went grocery shopping. I actually bought rice, vegetables and egg. I also bought instant curry and ramen so I can actually survive. ^.^ Bringing groceries back prompted me to clean the kitchen area which remained a mixture of cups, pots and everything everywhere. I'm going to clean the bathroom and dining area tonight as well. This may be a 'guesthouse' but with just us, it is our apartment. ^.^

As promised, here are pics of my super tiny room:

...and the beautiful outside view:

...and the view if a pervert was peeking into my room:

tomorrow's plans

I'm going to buy a sponge and a splitter for the plug tomorrow as well as some bath products since I don't have any. (Used my friend's when I was at her place.) I will also go get my cellphone and my alien registration card aka. gaijin ca-do. ^.^

Tomorrow night for Christmas Eve, I will spend it with my new roommate and her friend at a French convo lesson. (Her friend leads a class in conversing in French. They'll be one with convos in English, but mostly French.) Of course, we will have cake since Christmas is all about cake...and couples but mostly cake. ^.^

12/22/08 ~ Monday 6:52 pm - Tokyo ~ 4:52 am - NY

Status: contemplative ~ Listening to: Inuyasha on tv

Step 1, accomplished!

I have 5 goals to accomplish since I'm in Japan...all the basic settlement/immigration stuff that I need to do. Getting my apartment was step 1 and I signed my papers today. I'm going to move my stuff in tomorrow since my friends will help me bring my suitcases over. My shared apartment is small, but will fit guests. ^.^ The size? Smaller then P-chan's room. It's about 4.5 tatami mats size. Pics will go up once I'm settled in.

Shinjuku on my own

2 years ago, I didn't spend that much time in Shinjuku...because there really isn't that much Japanime stuff there. But I'm totally in love with Kinokuniya...I spent a good 5 minutes drooling over their BL manga section. Only 5 minutes, because I had shopping to do. ^^; I bought my friend's son two 'Thomas the Tank Engine' picture books because he loves the character. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the second store needed to buy a holiday gift for my other friend. ^^; Going back to Shinjuku on Wednesday.

bread aka. buuredo aka. pan

I thought Chinese breads are yummy...Japanese breads are yummier! lol Let's just say they're all delicious. I bought a beef bread and a hot dog bread...one of them fresh out of the oven. The beef bread was sooo good...want another one. Previously, my friend bought me some cheese bread which was perfect for my cheese cravings. I look forward to trying them all including curry bread...but I have to watch my budget. They're not cheap. ^^;

anime Mondays

Bleach, Soul Eater, Inuyasha and Detective Conan. Yay! (I'm going to watch Vampire Knight tonight. ^.^)

12/21/08 ~ Sunday 5:45 pm - Tokyo ~ 3:45 am - NY

Status: anxious ~ Listening to: me brooding

some more anime

Caught Hell Girl on tv yesterday as well as Saiunkoku Monogatari. It was so awesome listening to Midorikawa Hikaru-san's voice again.... ^.^ Today I saw Gundam 00 on tv and fangirled over Setsuna. *dances around the room happily* Some more obscure anime that I saw included Telepathy Girl Ran, Kamichu! and Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens...all yesterday. Yes, I was quite lazy yesterday.

final decision

Giving the deposits/money to the agent tomorrow for the guesthouse aka. shared apartment. Need to head to Shinjuku tomorrow in order to hit the currency exchange counter and get my bills cashed into yen. Also, hitting Kinokuniya and another store to get some holiday gifts to my friends in Tokyo. Also, perhaps I'll find something for my co-worker's mother in Miyazaki. ^^; Doing some initial shopping as well since I need some bathroom things and groceries for the apartment.All that tomorrow morning and afternoon....

My friend is in Osaka today and tomorrow. She'll help bring my suitcases to the apartment on tuesday, so I'm still staying at her place monday night. The reason why the money/key/official things need to be done tomorrow is because tuesday is a national holiday, Emperor's Birthday. Tomorrow will be super busy....

12/20/08 ~ Saturday 1:10 pm - Tokyo ~ 11:10 pm 12/19 - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: me typing

late late late night anime

I stay up until 3:30am last night so that I can see if I can catch anything...and I saw Junjou Romantica! *happy dance* Season 2 ep. 10...something that was already shown on TV Kanagawa (another city) before. I guess we in Tokyo get it a bit delayed. ^^; So happy...that I saw it on tv...unsubtitled...and it seems so sad at the end! I can't wait for the subs to come out! ^-^

As an added note, I finally figured out how to search for anime on tv in tokyo online. Yes, laugh as you will, but I didn't figure it out until last night. It wasn't easy until I searched for the broadcasting comapanies. In short...ep. 12 of Vampire Night will be on tv on monday! ^.^ (Also, I watched Kirarin Revolution, Doraemon, Tales of the Aybss and Golgo 13 on tv yesterday. I've been busy. ^.^)

12/18/08 ~ Thursday 11:55 pm - Tokyo ~ 9:55 am - NY

Status: sleepy ~ Listening to: me typing

Pikachu! *fangirls*

lol Me fangirling over Pikachu...but he is so cute! ^.^ Yes, I saw Pocket Monsters Pearl on tv as well as Prince of Tennis, Gintama and more of Naruto. Sasuke, kawaii! Jenn-chan, if you're wondering, Kakashi-sensei is still alive so no worries. ^^;


I'm going to be moving into a guesthouse aka. shared apartment with 2 other girls. I'm going to let the realtor know on monday and I'll move in on 12/23. After I move in, I will be going to the Nakano ward office to register myself and get an ID card (a temp one until they send me a permanant card.) I'll register for a phone and a get a bank account on 12/24...since they're all opened on Christmas Eve. So much to do...so now all I have to do is exchange money and send out more resumes! Ganbarre, Rai!

Now is sleep of course. -.-zz

12/17/08 ~ Wednesday 8:25 pm - Tokyo ~ 6:25 am - NY

Status: relaxed ~ Listening to: Casshern on tv

all the pics I took...

As promised, I have the initial pics of Japan...and all of it food. Consider it Rai's guide to yummy food. ^.^ Click here to get a glimpse of what I've been eating. ^.^ I'll have pics of people and places soon enough...but food comes first!

random anime

Caught Stitch the anime on the tv today. Never even knew that it had an anime. Instead of Stitch in Hawaii, it's Stitch in Okinawa. Stitch wants to become strong and so he has to do good deeds. Of course, he causes trouble in the process. The voices for the series is pretty cute. Also saw a bit of Yugioh 5D which made absolutely no sense to me. ^^; The main character is a girl and she wears glasses like Umino from Sailor Moon: they have swirls!

recycling in Japan 101

Recycling is big in Japan. Not a surprise since I still remember my plastic/glass/paper garbage moments two years ago. But living here requires an even more precise type of sorting of garbage. Fast food restaurants require the patrons to separate their plastic and paper when they're throwing things away. Ice and liquids go in another container. The garbage is separated into burnable and plastics at home. Glass and plastic containers from instant stuff (like the plastic trays for instant rice that I've been having lately) needs to be separated into plastic bags.

Throwing things away require a schedule as well. Depending on where I live, monday is for disposing of burnables, tuesday for plastics and so on. Electronic appliances and furniture can't just be dumped outside for the garbage truck to take away. It requires a call to the city and money to pay for a tax for throwing things away. Yes, you need to pay money to throw stuff away. ^^; Knowing this, this is why I opted to rent furnished apartments rather then buying stuff. Getting rid of stuff take time and money...but I digress.

I haven't gotten the hang of any 'throwing out' schedule yet since I'm still living with my friend, but once I move out, I'll have to know what and when to throw things. So much to learn.... ^.^

5:55 pm - Tokyo ~ 3:55 am - NY ~ Status: busy ~ Listening to: Naruto on tv

highlights from the program

No SMAP from last night's music program, but here are some high points from the show. A trio of girls, Perfume performed 'Polyrhythm' and 'Dream Fighter'. Like their music...techno pop FTW. ^.^ Ohashi Nozomi sang the song from Ponyo...with the many of the other singers and MCs holding all holding Ponyo puppets. O.O Sugoi! Koda Kumi sang 'Taboo' (animemiz, don't you like this song?) V6 was there along with Thelma Aoyama with 'Soba ni Iru Ne'. Speed had their comeback 'White Love' There was a comedy halfshow...somewhat with a perfect newhalf, Haruna Ai. He/she was a comedian and dancer/singer. Next was a woman who sang and danced Beyonce...Also a comedian, not really an inpersonator, but humorous just the same. Exile sang 'Ti Amo' and then....Arashi sang 'One Love'! O.O *faints over the pretty boys* Hamasaki Ayumi sang 'Days' in a full white outfit...kinda like a wedding dress style...but the biggest act of the night was Britney Spears. >.< Even in cold Tokyo, she was in a bra-type outfit with her boobies almost all out. Of course, the song was 'Womanizer'.

being productive

Sent out several resumes today...hopefully to see some results soon. To reward myself...I'm watching Naruto on tv! ^-^

12/16/08 ~ Tuesday 7:50 pm - Tokyo ~ 5:50 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Your Seed - Hey! Say! Jump Listen or Save

closer to a decision

So I'm decidedly going for a guesthouse with 2 other girls since it's more cost efficient and the area is more livable. I have a choice of a smaller apartment that is livable...but I'm leaning towards a guesthouse. It'll have enough space for 2 people to visit at a time but that isn't the only reasons I'm choosing it. To be honest, I'm kinda worried about living by myself. *gasp* Rai is worried about living on her own? P-chan must be shaking her head, but I know my limits and I'll accept the easier road. More info on the guesthouse when I make my decision.

Kinokuniya is manga love

My friend took me around Shinjuku...more of a walking tour through the highlights of the area. Kinokuniya is tucked into a corner of one of the malls..and their manga section is at the first level. I love it...I could stay there forever but opted to leave after 5 minutes (before I start drooling.) I went to change more money and before heading back.

iceblueaya would love this program

There is a music program...the best music of 2008 on tv. Kanjani8 opened with 'Musekinkin Hero' and then KAT-TUN appeared.... *fangirl squeal* Lots of clips of various PVs including 'WaHaHa'. ^.^ Aiko was there with the song 'KissHug' from the Hana Yori Dango soundtrack. <3 KAT-TUN sang 'White X'mas'. Kamenashi Kazuya-san looks so cute with short hair.... *faints* The groups appear one by one...with KinKi Kids being next singing 'Secret Code'. Ohashi Nozomi appeared...the singer for one the songs of Ponyo on the Cliff. She is nine years old...the youngest to appear on the show! She is soooo cute! ^.^ She appeared with Fujioka Fujimaki, the duo who also sang for the movie. Sugoi! I predict that Hey! Say! Jump will appear as well as SMAP.... ^.^

12/15/08 ~ Monday 8:50 pm - Tokyo ~ 6:50 am - NY

Status: busy ~ Listening to: Endless Story - Ito Yuna Listen or Save

small rooms are small

I went apartment hunting today and saw lots of tiny apartments. I anticipated as much and now I realize that what I was searching for was nothing like reality. I accepted my fate and re-thought my objectives. ^^; I don't mind it being small as long as it's livable. ^___^ 3 room guesthouses are a bit nicer...cheaper...but I need to find a balance between living with people in a cheaper environment or privacy. >.< So many choices....

anime in Japan

The only thing I saw on tv was My Melody, some unrecognizable soccer anime...and now Casshern. I saw this before! O.o Oh yeah, ventured into a Book Off today and saw some manga that I want...but will refrain from buying for the moment. ^.^ Yay for willpower!

12/14/08 ~ Sunday 9:10 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:10 am - NY

Status: cold ~ Listening to: Breeze - Hayashibara Megumi (Slayers OST) Listen or Save

another day in Japan

So I had congee with chicken this morning at Denny's nearby. Yes, I went to Japan to have Denny's for a Japanese breakfast. lol My previous co-worker took me there and it was delicious. Her son and husband graced us with their presence. We visited a 100 Lawson (100 yen shop) before heading up to her apartment. Then she took me to the other 100 yen shop where I bought a shower cap.

When I got home, my other co-worker was back from her job and her friend arrived to take me to a real estate agency catering to foreigners. We're going to visit some apartments tomorrow. I'll have one picked out by the end of the month...hopefully.

We stopped by a convenience store to pick up greentea ice cream before coming home to research more apartments and watch figure skating. Dinner was soba with meat sauce...a unique combo but delicious just the same. ^.^

and in other yaoi news

The manga Sex Pistols aka. Love Pistols by Kotobuki Tarako-sensei is going to have an OVA. Its a cracked series with tons of mpreg and humans turning into animals...and I anticipate the anime to be just as hilarious.

Deux Press is coming out with some various titles, the one I'm concentrating on is Kirepapa by Takagi Ryou-sensei. Yay for Takagi Ryou! Maybe now they'll license Kirepapa the anime...I don't know though...there is sorta underaged smex in the mix...and fatherxson's best friend.... ^^;

12/13/08 ~ Saturday 9:45 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:45 am - NY

Status: sleepy ~ Listening to: figure skating on tv

the beginning of my trip

The driver came to pick me up at 3am and the check in counter opened at 4:30am. The flight was 6am and after checking in everything, I was able to board the plane. The first jump to Atlanta, GA was just me sleeping through the 2 hour flight. The connecting flight went smoothly and I was somewhat comfortable even though I was between two ppl. ^^; My trip to Japan consisted of sleeping and watching movies that I wanted to watch but never got the chance.

Rai's mini movie review!

'The Dark Knight' lived up to the hype. The action was well paced and having two events heppening at the same time increased the tension. The transformation of Harvy was believable and well done. First movie I watched on the plane.

'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor' was exciting as usual. There wasn't as much breaking of codes and mysterys as the first two movies (except for the first 5 minutes) but the movie didn't feel lacking.

'Wall.E' was awesome. No other words. Fantastic Pixar movie and total love for a main character that barely spoke.

I also watched short series like 'Will&Grace' 'Fanilow' episode as well as 'Hannah Montana' episode.

last part of my trip

I had a little delay at Japanese immigrations, but went through with no problems. After changing some of my US money to yen and buying a telephone card, I bought my ticket and traveled the Narita Express to Shinjuku station. Looking for the Tokyo Metro's Marunouchi line in Shinjuku station took some time and I called my friend to let her know I'm nearing her place. She met me at the gate. ^.^

First meal in Japan...soba noodles by my friend. Oishi! I called okaasan to let her know I arrived and took a shower. Watched the figure skating competitiong for women on tv asashi and cheered as Japan took the gold. (So many mistakes in the program...but I guess they were nervous being that the Korean and Japanese girls were so close in level.) Yay for Japan!

So much to do...

I may take it easy tomorrow...but planning for my Japanese apartment and organizing some things. Details and pics will come later on...once I get some sleep. Oyasumi!

12/11/08 ~ Thursday 11:59 pm

Status: excited ~ Listening to: Seishun Amigo - Shuji to Akira Listen or Save

another day in Super Smash Bros world

I met with my aunts and uncle today for lunch at my uncle's restaurant. Endured convos concerning boyfriends, fashion and borderline future. However, I surpassed the 'advice' and got back to Flushing to pick up McD's for Pearl-chan and bubble tea for us both. After discussing the world of anime, 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' and manga, we proceeded to play our game, 'Super Smash Bros Brawl' story mode. Such fun...although kinda hard. ^^; P-chan called and we spoke for awhile between playing games and watching Tsubasa Chronicles: Tokyo Revolutions and Vampire Knight. Zero.... *fangirls* Okaasan came to pick me up and we ended our game. Continuing in another year or so. ^.^

last few hours

Already planned my travel from Narita airport to my friend's house in Nakano. Going to finish dinner, shower and then finish packing. The next time I post will be in Japan. ^^V

1:00 am ~ Status: happy

news that I have missed

Since I don't have much time, I'm going to just do some highlights. Trailer for the new Fullmetal Alchemist series is finally up. Al is in his armor, Ed looks cute as always in his red coat...and Roy looks weird. Old news, but gotta post this anyway. Still awesome!

Deux Press picked up previous Broccoli title. Yamato Nase-sensei's Cigarette Kisses is now in the capable hands of Deux and I can't wait to see other titles that are in limbo.

New BL publisher Yaoi Generation steps up with new store and a new license, Breath by Ochi Chifumi-sensei. Can you say yay? ^.^ Totally happy.

12:35 am ~ Status: satisfied

More info about last saturday

Besides singing tons of songs from JE...we danced too! Our opening song was 'Seishun Amigo' sung by iceblueaya and me and danced the dance from the PV (which didn't show up on the screen sadly) and our last song was also 'Seishun Amigo' sung by iceblueaya and my co-worker. We also danced and I went all out...even knocking over the small trash can in the process. ^^; Such fun! Tons of anime songs...even OP and ED from Gakuen Heaven and Okane ga Nai...though I didn't practice the song enough to sing it. Next time! *is determined*

more running around

This morning, P-chan, Pearl-chan and I had breakfast at McD's. We stopped by Eckerds to pick up stuff for Alby-kun (who is sick-myfaultI'msosorry) and then accompanied her to his house. We didn't go in but I was able to give P-chan my gift for her and Alby-kun. More of the same...dvds that I burned. (Note to all who received the burned dvds: I didn't burn them very well so they might not play in your dvd player. Should work on computers though. Perhaps you can extract the files and burn it to a dvd so you can actually watch it in a player. My apologies for the trouble. ^^; )

Next stop, Pearl-chan and I went to Barnes and Noble that was near St. John's University. Their manga selection improved very much over the years...but their yaoi is still very lacking. Only one June manga and a couple DMPs. *shakes head* They'll never garner the attention of BL fans...but I doubt that was their point. Pearl-chan checked out potential gifts for people before we headed to Cold Stone for a treat. We used the giftcard from my co-worker and bought two Like It sized cups. Yummy...I finished mine while she ate it slowly. Lunch was decidedly made back at her house but I had to leave before it arrive. For tomorrow!

Okaasan came to send me to Flushing since I was running late to meet 140 and larkspur for a last minute dinner gathering. We met up with her at her office building in midtown and headed to a restaurant nearby: Comfort Diner. As the name saids, it has the best kinds of comfort food from fried chicken to potpies. After a filling dinner later, we took a quick tour of 140's office before she settled down to study and larkspur and I headed to Union Sq. for a quick book shopping. (My idea of course.) After a quick round of Forbidden Planet and Strandbooks, I bought Embracing Love vol. 2 at a low price and came home happy...to an apartment with internet! *dances around the living room*

One more day...

I'm planning to finish packing tonight and tomorrow morning (since I won't be sleeping tomorrow night.) I will be meeting one of my aunts tomorrow for lunch at East Buffet. I'm dreading the meeting but it's sorta a must-do. >.< I'm going to head to Pearl-chan's afterwards so we can get a few more levels on Super Smash Bros before I leave. *sad sigh* Still so much to do...but at least the internet issue is resolved. Ganbarre, Rai!

12/9/08 ~ Tuesday 6:35 pm EDIT

Status: hungry ~ Listening to: me typing

no internet yet?!? *headdesk*

First verizon LIED to me said it will be ready by Dec. 5...and it wasn't. The next date was Dec. 8...and it couldn't hook up so the tech guy will come by on Dec. 10. >.< Oh well. At Pearl-chan's with my laptop so I can utilize the net without taking over her comp. ^^;

My week...411

On 12/3, I took my laptop to the comp store. That night, I met up with Alby-kun for a late dinner with Thanksgiving leftovers. His mother gave me her version of a b-day cake which was an ice cream cake topped with pineapples and chocolate. ^.^ A Halo evening later, I went home. On 12/4, I went to Queens Center mall and bought two different suit jackets in preperation for work in Japan. I met up with P-chan for dinner at the Korean restaurant I love so much. Alby-kun met up with us later at Oasis cafe for Espreso, hot chocolate and dessert. Oishi! Pearl-chan wasn't feeling well so she didn't come with us. P-chan and Alby-kun played Halo way into after I left. On 12/5, I met up with my godsisters for a dinner. I gave them each Bath and Body Works lotion and soap sets as well as returned the DDR extreme games to Christine-neechan. Saturday 12/6 was a series of gathering. I first met up with iceblueaya at Kinokuniya to give animemiz and 801megane's gifts to her as well as her own....only to join her and later animemiz at Duet 48 for karaoke. One of my co-workers (KAT-TUN/DBSK/yaoi fan) joined us for a singing. We sang from 1pm to 5:45pm and then headed to Chinatown for a last gathering with my co-workers. We went to Canton Garden and later Yellow for drinks. My other co-worker gave me a lychee shot and lemon drop shot with toasts. We had a discussion about social service agencies and 'work'. (What else would a bunch of non-profit employees/ex-employees talk about?) I happily didn't get drunk or that red...but I find vodka to be too strong for me. >.<

Sunday 12/7, I played piano for the church one last time (before I leave) and saw a pastor whom I haven't seen in awhile. After church, we went to J&R for a baptism/b-day celebration for several of my CCF friends. (Me leaving was just a little part of the celebration. ^.^) Tons of food and photos later, I went home to Qns. Yesterday, 12/8, spent the day with Pearl-chan and we started playing Super Smash Bros Brawl Story mode...as soon as we found out where story mode was. ^^; I also gave her a Christmas present: Kingdom Hearts 2 FMV dvd as well as a D.Gray Man fan I found at the NYAF convention. I went to meet with Jenn-chan in Flushing at 7pm where we went to the Prince St cafe for a light dinner and drinks. I also gave Jenn-chan a small gift in a Kakashi clip. We had a spoilerific convo about Naruto. ^^; A quick dinner later, I met my god sister, Christine-neechan and we discussed the Finder series by Yamane-sensei. We had snacks of toast and tea along with ice cream dessert. Yummy....

Kinda long...but simply put, I had a wonderful week with friends and food. Some celebration for my b-day...some as farewells for me leaving for Japan.

Today? I brought a box to storage since it was suppose to be for storage and came to Pearl-chan's house to continue playing Super Smash Bros Brawl. A quick jump later...we're at 25% of the game.... ^.^ Perhaps P-chan wants to join us?

Pearl-chan also presented me with 3x3 Eyes the dvd from Geneon. *hugs* Arigato, Pearl-chan! I love this series...can't wait to finish reading the manga. ^.^

12/2/08 ~ Tuesday 4:35 pm

Status: sick ~ Listening to: me typing

sayonara old apartment

Last couple of days have been all setting up new place (which still needs work) and cleaning up old apartment. Last night, okaasan and I slept on the floor in the Stony apartment since we couldn't finish in time. The manager let us stay until this morning to give in the keys and check it out. After commenting on the conditiion of the worn carpet and walls, I'm guessing they'll be deducting from the deposit since it'll take more then 'one coat of paint' to fix the cracks and smudges on the walls. (We've been there for 6 years already...no surprise there.)

more stuff

I did alot of Japan prep too...buying all the remaining things I needed to buy as well as got my transcript from Stony (after paying the $20 express fee. >.<) I'm going to have to repack my bags since I brought too much clothes. Manga at the moment is more important then clothes. I might have a box which okaasan will ship to me once I have an address there...but we'll see what happens.

I'm currently sick and popping pills (with right amount of dosage) like crazy so I hope to get better as soon as possible. Also, I've been sleeping as much as possible to recover from my no-sleep weeks before. (That must be why my immune system is out of whack.) My plans for the next few days include sending my laptop to get for 'cleaning' at my father's friend's computer store, packing and seeing everyone. Ja!