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3/31/09 ~ Wednesday 10:41 pm - Tokyo ~ 9:41 am - NY

Status: anxious ~ Listening to: me typing

the road to Shinagawa

For those that watched Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, episode 2 is the one with Usagi meeting Ami-chan. Usagi goes to Ami's cram school at Alto and she walks over a walkway...like a bridge over a street or something. I'm referring to the scene when she bumps into Mamoru again. At first, that area reminded me of the area outside Shinagawa station. However, I realized that it isn't...but I think it's around Osaki station. I saw a walkway when I was on the Yamanote line going towards Shinagawa and its alot like the area from the episode.

So...I went to the immigration office today which only took 2 hours which is super fast compared to any type of services in the US. ^^; Hopefully, I'll receive my certificate of eligibility before my visa runs out. Or I'll have to make a quick trip to Taiwan. Doesn't sound that bad, but I don't want to spend the money. ^^;


I'm distraught since there are some problems back home in the US. Okaasan got into a car accident and she has some cracked ribs but thankfully not much else. She is fine as in living and breathing and is already back home. Alby-kun and his family helped alot...doing everything I should be doing if I was there...which I'm grateful for since I'm not around. He was the one who told me the news this morning. I think I'm still in shock even after speaking to her on the phone and hearing everything....

BTW, the car is totaled and we don't know whose fault it was for the accident. Due to the enertia from the collision, my mother's car smashed into a house. I don't know how many casualties there are but I hope there were no deaths.

on another note...

On the phone with okaasan this morning, I worked through some paperwork issues that needed to be done (though that is not completely over) and chatted a bit. For lack of something better to say, I told my mother about the BL stamps that will be out in China this month. I went with story 'My friend wants some so can you tell father to buy some?' Okaasan's response? 'Sure! Your father will be happy to buy them for you!' ^^; The thing is...I don't usually ask my father to buy things since I don't want to for various reasons. So when I ask for something, he usually says yes. Never thought it would apply to BL stamps.... lol My French roomie pointed out that my father (middle aged, conservative Chinese man) going to the post office in China...and asking for BL stamps. 3 sets. (Yes, I asked for more then one. ^.^) Okaasan will explain the stamps as those based off of J-manga or something like that...but I don't think they are. We'll see what happens then. ^^;

8:20 am - Tokyo ~ 7:20 pm 3/30 - NY ~ Status: contemplative ~ Listening to: me typing

a second look

I woke up early today to do what I need to do...watch the fansub for Zoku Natsume Yuujincho. Among other things. ^^; Now that I think about it, I think the title 'Humans and Youkai' refers to Kai as well as Natsume. His choice of siding with the youkai or Natsume. Perhaps it wasn't even that...tt came to be whether or not he trusted Natsume. In any case, I wonder what the wind chime at the end really meant. Touko-san was saying whether or not Natsume was going to take it down...but no where in the series did they refer to the wind chime at all or heard Natsume even talking about it. Something that I missed?

I still find Natsume and Natori's relationship a hinderance to Tanuma and Natsume. ^^; Even Tanuma was able to find the well before Natori! lol But I like Natori a bit more now then before. He is showing compassion when before there was only black and white decisions. (The seiyuu Akira Ishida-san is sooo talented. ^-^) I forgot to mention yesterday in the BL part of my post: Natsume's classmate has his arm around Natsume. So cute.... *whispers* He belongs to Tanuma! ^-^

1:32 am - Tokyo ~ 12:32 pm 3/30 - NY ~ Status: sleepy ~ Listening to: tv

a decision between humans and demons

The ending of this season was not as strong as the previous season. Maybe it was because Natsume didn't get to use his powers as much. ^^; The episode was about him deciding between siding with either humans or ayakashi. Of course, he chose both. That is obvious without any any spoilers. ^^; The little bit at the end was kind of sweet...especially with the figure at his window.... ^.^ It ended in season! They had a sakura viewing party under the blossoms. ^-^

What is Natsume Yuujincho without BL hints? This time it was a leaf in Natsume's hair (at least I think so but then there was on in Natori's hair... *is confused*) and Natori tried to take it out. But then Natsume ran away! Go Natsume go! TanumaxNatsume always! lol

12:55 am - Tokyo ~ 11:55 am 3/30 - NY ~ Status: amused ~ Listening to: silence

Gundam 00...the movie!

In true Gundam series fashion, there will be a movie. That is actually not a surprise since many of the series got movies/remakes/specials and/or a combination of the three. (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz was both a movie AND special. ^^;) Before the movie hits the theaters, I hope to really sit down and watch the series from start to finish and catch up on all the drama that has fans shouting Gundam Seed hysterics all over again. ^^; What? I don't think Setsuna was as emo as Kira. ^^;

BTW, the last episode of Natsume will be starting soon and I can't wait to see it! ^.^

3/30/09 ~ Monday 11:40 pm - Tokyo ~ 10:40 am - NY

Status: tired ~ Listening to: Ryuusei - TiA (Naruto ED) Listen or Save

yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Today I went to meet the teachers I will be working with at the school I will be working at. I also got to accompany a couple of other teachers to their schools. It was my first time at any Japanese school. Slippers for guests are at the door (of most schools) and I quickly remembered the 'proper' way of taking off and situating my shoes. (Basically slip them off, step up onto the threshhold and then turn the shoes around so I can step into them easily later on. ^^;) It is spring break for students. Literally the few weeks between the end of one year and the beginning of another. However, club and sports activities are still in happening so there were students at the schools. I didn't see any in mine (but I'm sure there were some kids around,) so I have no idea what the school uniform is like yet. ^^;

Just so you know, meeting the principal and the 3 english teachers was nerve wrecking. ^^; I still don't remember any of their names except for one of the teachers because he gave me his card. On another note, they served green tea which was delicious. ^.^ My school is average size.

Here is the gate.

Training is this thursday and then there is a meeting on the 7th with school starting on the 8th. Kyaaaaaaaa......

so much to do

Since I obtained this job, so much was set into motion that needs to be done. After the school visit, I returned to the main office (hiring company) for the visa application meeting. I got all the papers needed and will be heading to immigrations tomorrow. I will first be hitting the bank so that I can open an account. Tomorrow will be another busy day. ^^;

tourist time!

lol I shouldn't be referring to myself as a tourist since I'm technically a 'resident' of Japan...albiet a temporary one. ^^; Since I had time to kill between visiting the school and my visa meeting, I headed to the nearby Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple. Both areas I been to during my previous visit. Link is picture heavy so becareful. ^.^

3/29/09 ~ Sunday 5:53 pm - Tokyo ~ 4:53 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: tv

cycle of peace, war and revolution

The above is a little pointer to the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz main tagline. The official quote is "An endless waltz of peace, war, and revolution." spoken by the arrogant Mariemaia. Of course, all of Gundam series' main plot is simply that...a cycle of war and peace. But we always love it because has pretty boys flying pretty mecha. At least that is why I love it. ^.^

Just watched the last episode of Gundam 00. There was a bit of Gundam vs. Gundam in there which was surprising since the last mecha that the main character fights is usually a hybrid or an upgrade of a mobile suit rather then a full gundam. I'm not really up-to-date concerning the mecha in Gundam 00 so I don't know which model the MS is. But Exia looks awesome as always! ^^; I'm still O.O all over Tieria's...um...form. The way he interacts with everyone and during the battle.... *speechless* And he is castrated! Nothing on the bottom! *dies* Each of the main characters gets a little speech at the end which is awesome. Of course, Setsuna is declaring himself still part of Celestial Being. ^^; Um...still with his Gundam I think. Of course, Lockon is beside him. ^.^ LockonxSetsuna FTW!

BTW, there is a bit of Lockon Stratos surprise at the very end which I'm not too sure about...but I think it is what I think it is. ^-^ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brothers starting next week! Yay! One awesome series ending and another beginning!

3:35 pm - Tokyo ~ 2:35 am - NY ~ Status: calm ~ Listening to: Kuroshitsuji ep. 24

a strange gentleness

*sniff* Watching the last episode of Kuroshitsuji again makes me feel like crying. As Diana-chan mentioned in the chatterbox, I have found my most favorite quote of the series....

    Ciel: Will it hurt?
    Sebastian: Yes, a little. I'll keep it as gentle as possible...
    Ciel: Don't. Make it as painful as you can. Carve the pain of my life, into my soul.
    Sebastian: Yes, my lord.

Out of context, I don't need to mention how H that sounds. In context, it's so beautiful. Not in a masochistic kind of way, but it shows the strength in Ciel. Tragedy in life moves a person to action. And at the end, to silence.

3/28/09 ~ Saturday 4:02 pm - Tokyo ~ 3:02 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Tokyo et Paris - Emiri Miyamoto and Solita (Nodame Cantabile Paris ED) Listen or Save

laptop is back!

*hugs laptop* Deliriously happy that I got my laptop back. It's been a bit over two weeks which is good since the estimated time I was suppose to get it back was next week. Yay for Toshiba! Funny thing is...I got used to my friend's laptop with the other keyboard type that I'm making so many typing mistakes now that I'm back to my original one. ^^;

the finality in the finale

*sigh* Last night's Kuroshitsuji episode was fantastic. It was predictable...but still good. Predictable since we knew from episode one what was going to happen. I won't comment about the boss fight except that the entrance of the shinigami was kinda funny and out of the blue. I agree with Pearl-chan that the plotline of the fight with angels was kinda weird. (Ever since the appearance of Angela, the series got kinda weird.) Some of the reasons behind the plot was lost in my lacking Japanese skills but I will surely recover them in the fansubs. ^^; The interactions between Sebastian and Ciel during the fight itself was awesome. I think I like Ciel more and more in the last episode then in the other episodes. And that moment right after the fight when Ciel lets go.... *glomps Ciel*

Not really a spoiler since the ending piece 'Lacrimosa' paints what will happen with Sebastian and Ciel quite clearly. There are differences which I won't mention since you can see for yourself. The little bit with Elizabeth is sweet but it felt a bit lacking somehow. I guess more of a closure was needed for those two. In either case, there was definite closure between Sebastian and Ciel. But that last moment when Sebastian takes off Ciel's eyepatch and touches his face...that was soooo gay! *fangirls* He looks like he was about to rape Ciel then devour his soul. Mmmmm...well he was planning to devour his body too I think.... lol

I can't recall another series feeling so final. Definitely no third season will be made unless they're planning to do spinoffs. (Griel...the gay shinigami perhaps? lol) I wonder if Sebastian the demon will meet another like Ciel...or he is special. I like to believe he is special...but Sebastian is a demon of a butler afterall. ^-^

3/27/09 ~ Friday 11:24 pm - Tokyo ~ 10:24 am - NY

Status: amused ~ Listening to: Drivin Through the Night - Ikkitousen OP Listen or Save

Lupin and Conan...tagteam!

Lupin the III vs. Conan is really Lupin and Conan as a team. At the end anyway. First, I must comment how well done the animation for the special was done. Both series have specific character designs, but having them together actually wasn't jarring to watch. You could definitely tell which character design was used and it was well done in general. BTW, the character Kizu...however you spell/pronounce his name was voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru-san. (I guess listening to so many of his BL drama cds that I can distinguish his voice anywhere. ^^;) *fangirls*

The plot device of Ran-look-alike Princess Mira was overdone and it was obvious that a switcharoo was bound to appear. Besides that, the story and underlying murder plot was pretty good. Being that anything with Lupin is bound to be funny, the storyline had more comedic elements then the usual Conan episode. Lots of Lupin characters made their appearance...and them working together in the end was fantastic...fantastically funny. When Conan started his usual deductions.... lol I won't mention any other details in case someone watches the fansubs. (I really want this subbed so I hope someone got it. ^^;) The deductions has to be my fav part since Lupin was too funny. Great special! The only way it could've been better is if more people from the Conan cast was there...like Heiji...but I think it might have been too crowded.

BTW, when Conan left the country, I KNEW there was bound to be trouble since he doesn't have a passport or any ID under his name. ^^; That issue is addressed after the credits so stay tuned! ^-^ (Just an hour and a half until Kuroshitsuji!)

3:08 pm - Tokyo ~ 2:08 am - NY ~ Status: hungry

busy is me

Yesterday, I went to the Nakano Ward office so I can get my (2nd) gaijin ID card. I got the certificate so I can use it to open a bank account and will pick up the actual card some time in mid-April. I also swung by the 100 yen shop to buy a small hanken since it's also needed to open an account. BTW, my hanken only has my last name on it...since I can't use my Taiwanese one because my middle character does not exist in Japanese kanji. ^^; Will go open the account next monday or tuesday...since monday is visiting-my-school day.

I needed to run some errands today but tonight will be anime night! I'm going to catch the 2 hour Lupin the III vs. Conan special tonight. Then...the last episode of Kuroshitsuji. Kyaaaaaa...so much good stuff.... *happy dance*

Hello Kitty undies...for guys

Animevice notes the sexiness of Hello Kitty for guys...in the shape of briefs. Tight briefs. I'm picturing the manlines of men putting these on...and I fall into laughter. But Hello Kitty is for guys too and the undies are just too adorable to pass up. ^.^

Utada sighted in NY

Animemiz posts about her experience waiting 12 hours for the J-pop star in NY. She saw Utada...yay! To be in the same room as the legend...is an amazing moment in itself. Heard about Automatic II and look forward to the rest of the songs. My comments about her R&B, hiphop style? She is trying to be mainstream in the west so some conformity is needed. I just wish her lyrics wouldn't be sacrificed for it as well.

new manga from legends

Info about CLAMP's new work is already out...but the manga itself is set for 2010. I'm definitely looking forward to it...especially since the US will be getting releases 'nearly simultaneously' to Japan. Yay! No need to wait (much) for awesomeness!

Takahashi Rumiko-sensei (Ranma 1/2) and Adachi Mitsuru-sensei (Touch) came together for a collaborative work in order to commemorate Shonen Sunday's 50th Anniversary. The manga short My Sweet Sunday is now viewable online until May 24th. Check out the main site to get full scans. It's in Japanese, but I'm loving the art from the two mistresses. Simple and definitely sweet.

3/25/09 ~ Wednesday 7:44 pm - Tokyo ~ 6:44 am - NY

Status: tired ~ Listening to: me typing

just another step in the process

School starts on April 7! Things are getting pretty busy preparing for my new job. Today, me and the other ALTs met with the head of the Board of Education at Saitama City Hall...since Saitama is the city where I'm going to be teaching in. (Saitama is just north of Tokyo...it isn't as far as it sounds. ^^; Think Bx in terms of Manhattan.) I met another NYer there (from Bklyn) as well as someone I met already from my failed interview at GEOs. lol The other NYer also applied (and was rejected) from GEOs. lol Rejected GEOs applicants unite!

Meeting with the head of Saitama's BOE was not as nervewreaking as I thought. Just some general questions, 'Where are you from?', 'How is your Japanese?' to which I answered, 'Limited, but I look forward to getting better at it. *smiles*'. I smile alot it seems and someone pointed it out. ^^; Then we returned to the Azabu district (where we had our interview) for the the contract signing. Before the meeting though, some of us went to lunch together at an Indian restaurant. Lots of gaijin frequent the area and the waiter and cook spoke English and most likely some Indian dialect. I chose Mutton Curry set with spicy level...4 which is the highest. Gotta challenge my tastebuds. I teared up a bit but the meal was delicious. I'm so happy that I was crying.... *sniff* ^.^

The contract signing thing which was also an interesting and informative meeting. Seems I have to choose Mizuho as my bank since any other bank would require a 315 yen transfer fee. I can totally use that 315 yen. ^^; After the meeting, I went home. I rode on the subway with another ALT from London who is also a Japanime fan. We had fun talking about various series and London on the way to Shinjuku. Since it was rainy today, he mentioned that he probably brought the rain from England. ^^; lol Ah...memories...I remember our foggy, rainy adventure so many years ago....

ALT on break

We had alot of time together so we learned about each other admist our job experience discussions. Turns out, one of the worked for Disney for many years. He met his Japanese girlfriend in Disney World (Florida) and proposed to her at DisneySea (Japan.) Of course we made him tell the proposal story. ^.^ Guy: I wanted to propose to her on a gondola in DisneySea but the wind was so strong that they canceled the ride. Ended up proposing on a random bench. Me: Awwww...how romantic. ^.^

BL, shota and incest...in a kiddy show?!?

lol Not really...but in the anime Obochan Makun (which goes right up there with Doraemon and Chibi Maruko-chan in terms of audiences) there was this scene that surprised me. Makun was being teased (since his hair was super long) and runs crying to his father who runs to his son. Father picks up his son and they face each other with river of tears flowing and crying as they speak...and their tongues are like flapping together. o.O Now, I don't watch this series as I do with Doraemon so I have no idea if that is a typical move. OBVIOUSLY, it's not meant to be perverted (hopefully not) but the motions are so elaborate that I can't help but think they're frenching each other. Or just playing with their tongues. ^^;

3/24/09 ~ Tuesday 11:35 am - Tokyo ~ 10:35 pm 3/23 - NY

Status: amused ~ Listening to: my tummy making funny noises

Utada in NY!

On wednesday, 3/25, Utada Hikaru will be gracing NY with her presnce at 5th Ave. Sephora to promote her new English album, 'This is the One'. Unfortunately, you need to reserve a space in advance and obviously, seats are already filled. Animemiz will be trying to get in along with the rest of NY's Utada fans. I wish her much luck! It's awesome that she is able to see her. It's events like those in the states that I long for since those are the only times we could get close to the Japanese celebrities. Of course, hoping that Utada's new single will be more of a hit then her previous English one. ^^;

Black Organization vs. Sherry

Last night's Detective Conan was a 1 hr. special so yay! The Black Org who are looking for Ai Haibara makes their scene and finally confirmed that Sherry is alive. (She turns into an adult for a while in hopes to escape...alas it didn't work very well.) They still don't know about her child form, but they have now confirmed that she isn't dead. With this kind of escalation towards the next movie, I wonder if it really is going to be the last one. The movie, The Raven Chaser will be about the Black Org. as well and if this will be the last one.... I don't know, but I'm totally looking forward to it!

who will Natsume choose?

Episode 12 ends in another cliff hanger to herald in the last episode. All of Natsume's friends make an appearance (not for the sake of making an appearance really) with Tanuma hanging out a bit with him before Taki shows up. Awwww...I really wish Natsume and Tanuma can hang out more. But definitely, BL-wise, the story is heading for another couple. ^^; He even grabbed his hand at the end!?! o.O lol No spoilers as to whom....

The episode features Natsume hanging out with a young boy along with Taki. The field of flowers thing with making of wreaths and placing them on their heads...was a little to much facepalm for me...but I survived. ^^; The youkai-of-the-week creeped me out a bit with the cleaver dragging along the ground...which made me wonder what Natsume actually said since he didn't do anything about it until it actually started to attack him. Back to the fansubs! ^^;

3/23/09 ~ Monday 1:27 pm - Tokyo ~ 12:27 am - NY

Status: contemplative ~ Listening to: Asuha Kuru Kara - Tohoshinki (One Piece ED) Listen or Save

Ciel's soul...Sebastian's food

Watching the subbed version of Kuroshitsuji episode 23 just made things even weirder. I think...Ash was coming onto Sebastian. And he got owned! Mwhahahaha...Sebastian chose Ciel afterall (as if there was any doubt.) It was kinda sad when Sebastian mentioned that he was without a master. But then when they meet again, he regarded Ciel as a dish. 'Spicy', 'sweet' and 'bitter'. ^^; Mmmmm...yummy....

The next episode should mark the end of the series. (Afterall, April is the beginning of the new anime season and a whole new schedule.) I look forward to the ending almost nostalgically...if I can even think of it that way.

Natsume tonight along with Detective Conan! For now...what will I eat? lol

3/21/09 ~ Saturday 5:05 pm - Tokyo ~ 4:05 am - NY EDIT

Status: busy ~ Listening to: me typing

Con Report for TAF 2009!

    [ + ] Friday, March 20

The link is pic heavy so you are forewarned. There was more to yesterday then just TAF so the rest of my day is here. Gallery for the convention are up on the viable page so go there to check them out. BTW, FMA takes up alot of the pics. ^^; I went through this quickly so I'm sure there'll be mistakes and stuff. Will add stuff if needed.

good news...bad news

Bad news is that my laptop will return to me in early April. >.< The repair costs isn't that bad and I'm paying by credit card anyway. Good news...I passed my TESOL course with flying colors. Yay.... And I got my school assignment already. Going to go visit it some time this week. Wonder what a Japanese junior high will be like...I actually never been in one before. ^^;

And he is back!

Watched Kuroshitsuji last night and loved it. Ciel getting back into the action was wonderful to see and the mansion crew joining up to kill the demon dog...I didn't mind. I think he was taking up too much attention from Sebastian anyway. ^^; The Ash/Angela thing was weird...and so was the queen's 'problem'. Ewwwww.... I'm looking forward to the subbed so I can understand Sebastian's words to Ash when they were on the rooftop together. (lol It isn't as it sounds...no BL inference this time. ^-^;)

3/19/09 ~ Thursday 4:58 pm - Tokyo ~ 3:58 am - NY

Status: calm ~ Listening to: Egao no Wake - Hikita Kaori (Shonen Onmyouji OP) Listen or Save

spring has come to Japan

The weather has turned warm here in Tokyo. If it's like this tomorrow, I'll probably go to TAF without a coat. Cherry blossoms should already have started blooming, but I haven't seen any yet since my area doesn't have sakura trees. Next week, I might swing by Ueno koen again for a look around. I haven't been there in 2 years afterall. ^-^

yatta! yatta!

Iceblueaya and crew were at the Sakurai Sho event in NY during the NYCC. They were showing clips of the movie showing and event during a commercial on tv yesterday...everyone shouting 'Yatta! Yatta!' lol From Iceblueaya's blog entry, she would be in the back so I didn't see her. Pretty awesome to see NY events recorded and broadcasted here...even if it is only in a commercial. Makes me wonder if they turned TMR's concert into a dvd. If they did, I'm definitely buying it!

3/18/09 ~ Wednesday 8:20 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:20 am - NY

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Pureness - Nana Kitada (Beet the Vandel Buster ED) Listen or Save

anime catchup...Natsume

Since I was doing my lessons, I didn't get a chance to watch any of the subbed episodes although I didn't miss watching them on tv. Finally got a chance to watch them all this afternoon. I don't have much to say about Zoku Natsume Yuujincho besides...'strip'! lol Hiragi is too funny. I thought Natori ordered Hiragi to do that. ^.^ I really wish this series can show more of Natsume using his powers in the forms of spells. But it actually makes alot of sense using those scenes sparingly: the anime isn't about spells but about Natsume facing himself. Poor crow youkai...the woman was mean. Nyanko-sensei is sweet to comfort Natsume, "She won't pull out your seal so easily." (paraphrasing) The end of the episode was kinda freaky...wonder if the boy can see youkai as well. Alas, the next episode will be with the girl and not Tanuma. See how much I like Tanuma? I don't even remember the girl's name. ^^;

The past episode to Kuroshitsuji was pretty startling. Some things are still confusing me...which is where the spoilers are going to start.

Kuroshitsuji ep. 22 comments...with spoilers

Sebastian is suppose to stick with Ciel until his revenge is fulfilled. Just pulling down the cult didn't mean the revenge was complete. Ciel is having regrets from ep. 20...because he can't really turn back when he has already promised his soul away.... I'm assuming that is why Sebastian is pissed off at him. Now...the angels are behind Ciel's past? It was instigated by Queen Victoria? Wow, she looks young. (When I first watched the episode, I thought, 'if she could bottle up whatever it is she is using, she would earn a fortune'... ^^;) I think that the queen (with the help of the angels-btw, I KNEW Ash was an angel, just look at him and Angela! Practically twins!) was behind Ciel's past because Sebastian said something like 'This is the end' when he was about to fight with Ash. If he was to complete Ciel's final orders of killing both Ash and the queen, then the revenge would have been complete...I think....

I think Sebastian disappearing is him pouting in some way. Ciel's reasons for stopping him was partially due to others getting hurt from the falling pieces of the Effiel Tower. Ciel still wanted revenge...but I think he needed to register the notion in his mind that 'the queen whom I have been stuck with all this time is the one'. Sebastian is just being mean in his devilish way.

German = bondage

Mwhahahahahaha.... Saw ep. 8 of Axis Powers Hetalia and it's too funny. *pats Italy's head* I felt the same way when I went to England.... I'm such a gourmet. ^^; GermanxItaly all the way! Japan can watch from the side. ^.^

3:20 pm - Tokyo ~ 2:20 am - NY ~ Status: accomplished

I hez certeefeecate!

I am not good with macro-speak so no laughing. Just happy to have completed my course. Yes, I am done with the final project and exam. I excelled in my exams...but since TESOL was the topic that is not a big accomplishment. My writing assignments were on the point if not bland. I give myself an average grade of B+++++ but lets see what my instructor gives. ^^; I'm signing my contract next week so I'm quite excited. I can't wait to tell them: I got my certificate! In half the time too! *pats self on back* lol

My school-bound friends will laugh since you guys have waaaay more difficult exams and courses then the one I just took. Especially you, Diana-chan and Christine-neechan. *gives pocky* Well, I'm technically going 'back to school' since I'm going to be teaching in one for the rest of the year. ^^; Ganbarre, minna!

back to what counts...anime

The Tokyo Animation Festival has started today. Today and tomorrow are closed to the public which is why I'm here and not there. (Well, finishing my course is another reason....) This friday, I'm going to TAF with my BL forum friend that I met before. The location is the Tokyo Big Sight...since there isn't many places in Tokyo that can gather large groups of people for conventions...maybe the Tokyo Dome...but that's for performances. I digress....

From what I know of the event, it's a giant exhibitor's room with major companies showing off their new stuff. Performances, seiyuu and producers will be there which is exciting enough...except that I don't know what they're introducing. The public event is on both Friday and Saturday so we'll see if we're going both days. No cosplay this time so I can just relax and take in the sights. Taking pics if I am allowed!

3/17/09 ~ Tuesday 1:05 pm - Tokyo ~ 12:05 am - NY

Status: busy ~ Listening to: Happy My Life - Minami-ke Okawari Listen or Save

just a bit more to go

The silence on my blog means I'm busy studying. My course is coming along nicely...just a few more classes, a final exam and a project to go. I've been working very hard in hopes to complete the course in half the time required with full marks. Well...we'll see what kind of grade I get at the end. ^^;

BTW, I'm going to sign my contract this week and see my school in early April...in between that is training and visa stuff. Can't wait!

Japan is all about 'service'

It was my German apartment mate's b-day yesterday so we all met at Shinjuku after their work for some yummy food and enjoyment. I headed out early so that I could exchange money and buy a cake...my contribution to the evening. Since one of my my fav cake store was in Nakano, going to Fujiya was out of the question. I headed to Odakyu department store basements to sample their goods. Yes, some of them do give samples in the market and baking areas. Yum yum! The cheesecake was delicious...but my not-so-French French friend doesn't like cheese. ^^; I was caught between a chocolate cake and a strawberry one...but the ichigo one was prettier so I chose it. I told them that this was a 'tanjoubi prezento' and asked how much their birthday signs and candles cost. Saleswoman: *smiles* Servesu! Me: O.O Arigato gozaimasu! With cake in tow, I went to meet my friends.

We were meeting at the JR exit facing the Southern Terrace which is known for many ppl giving out tissues. Remember that Junjou episode in season 2 when Misaki told Usami that he got 10 packs of tissues? I feel just like that since I was walking around that area so many times, I got so many packs. ^^; Found my friends and we decided to go eat okonomiyaki.


Ah...okonomiyaki eaten off the grill at your table...so much fun! If you're interested in how to make okonomiyaki at your table, click on the link. ^.^ My two apartment mates ordered alcohol while I stuck with water. My tasty okonomiyaki choice of evening? Tako! They had a wide variety including kimchi flavored and other grilled-at-the-table entres which means I'm definitely coming back. Gochisosama!

We stopped by a crepe booth outside so my friends could order banana choco crepes. I ordered mixed cream soft serve on a cone...since I knew we had cake. ^.^ My French friend did too...but of course, we kept that knowledge away from our German hime-sama. BTW, my cone reminds me of the Statue of Liberty torch...just a random reference.

At home, my apartment mates busy themselves with pics while I set up the cake. Then, we turned off the lights. 'Feliz Cumpleanos aqui...' Yes, I sang in spanish...very badly. (Why Spanish? My German roomie grew up in Spain so she is multilingual. *bows to her awesome language skills*) She was happily surprised at both the cake and the sakura Starbucks mug that my French friend gave. Needless to say, we cut the cake and ate it. ^.^

BL stamps

I collect stamps...not really, but I like pretty ones and acquired alot since my relatives are stamp collectors. Which is why I'm drooling over these BL stamps introduced in China. First of all, why in China? Why not Japan? lol The only person I know in China right now is my father. My convo will sound like "Father, I want the stamps they're going to put out soon...the one with two guys kissing. Can you buy them for me?" Since I've hidden my obsession so well from them, this won't end well. ^^; I wonder if there is some way to order them.

I'm actually quite surprised at China being the one to make them. They're pretty strict about the media culture there...what constitutes order and all that. I guess point 1 for China? *amity and co. gasps* Yes, yes, I know...I'm sure it won't be happening alot. ^^;

3/12/09 ~ Thursday 5:10 pm - Tokyo ~ 4:10 am - NY

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back to school...online

Need TESOL certificate in order to keep the job offer. Taking the 50 hour online course and finishing in two weeks. If I don't get the job...I don't know what to say. >.<

in other news...

Gundam scheduled to invade Odaiba in July! O.O Lifesized Gundam...with smoke and lights...I want one! They mention that it's only going to be there for two months. I wonder what happens afterwards? How do they take apart a Gundam and store it? Maybe they'll send it to the moon or have Heero self destruct. Oh wait, it's the original so Amuro will have to do it. ^.^

Grey's Anatomy turns gay...not really. In short, Kitty Media has licensed manga by the wonderful Higuri You-sensei, Kogareru Yubisaki and will be titling it Gay's Anatomy. o.O I have no words since I'm too busy laughing. The link contains more humor so check that out. Yes, I'm happy for more works by Higuri-sensei.

3/11/09 ~ Wednesday 6:30 pm - Tokyo ~ 5:30 am - NY

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out for two weeks

Yesterday was a full day of walking...without any result. I went to Shinjuku's Bic Camera (like a Best Buy in the department store, Odakyu Halc) who directed me to Toshiba Repair Akiba branch who directed me Toshiba International aka. a phone number. In short, my laptop will be picked up tomorrow morning (as I requested since Japan is awesome like that,) their techies will figure out the problem, contact me in a week with the results and quote, fix the thing and send it back to me. Of course, I pay for everything since I had this laptop for 2+ years now.

I will be utilizing my Nishi-obsessed apartment mate's laptop since it's not a MAC (like my German apartment mate's.) There won't be much updates in the next few weeks. Although my friend's laptop is wonderful (with Vista too!) and all that, it will difficult to type alot since her keyboard is the other system.... You know, with the keys/letters in a different order. ^^;

more manga murders

Disappointed to see that my last piece of news I'll be typing about (before my laptop takes a leave of absense) is about a murderer in Taiwan claiming influence from Battle Angel Alita. <.< Yes, that manga is FILLED with violence and the guy is saying it's because he was copying from the manga. I have no idea what kind of murder it was and there is no info to what exactly he was copying. I haven't read Battle Angel in a loooong time but last I remember, it was a sci-fi action story. What did he do? Kill someone with a cyborg? Turn himself into a cyborg? Have flashbacks of his past about experiments? The commentor MoonStorm lists a few more detailed 'what ifs' but we get the idea: the guy is retarded if he thinks blaming a manga will lessen his punishment. *smacks guy with a VIZ's hardcover Death Note vol. 1*

Taiwanese publisher of said manga states that their "staff were combing through the manga to ensure that there was no hidden message encouraging any such act." O.O Wow, that is really going above and beyond. *gives company pocky* Tong Li is a major manga company in Taiwan and has been going strong for many years. I don't remember what I bought from them, but I know they put out alot of mainstream titles.

3/9/09 ~ Monday 6:30 pm - Tokyo ~ 5:30 am - NY

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technical difficulties

My laptop fan is making funny noises and I've been trying to figure out why. I tried to take apart my laptop, but found that some of the screws are wound too tightly for me to unscrew with my tiny screwdriver. >.< After 1.5 hours of messing with tiny screws, I gave up. My next option would be to buy a can of pressurized air so to see if the fan would be 'clean' and stop clacking. That is to say if the problem does lie with the unclean fan. (I think so since the laptop is heating up more then usual.) Lastly, if that doesn't work, I will be taking it to the repair shop and hope that someone speaks English. >.< That will be tomorrow. Today, I had to do laundry which meant no going out since I have no pants. ^^; I hope this isn't a long-term problem, I'll go through laptop withdrawal if I'm away from this machine for too long. ^^;

Natsume tonight

May or may not be updates depending on the above issue. ^^:

3/7/09 ~ Saturday 7:30 pm - Tokyo ~ 5:30 pm - NY

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a stroll in Yoyogi koen

I woke at a reasonable hour (before noon O.O) and accompanied my apartment mate to Harajuku for a bit of shopping. Our venture to Harajuku routed us through Yoyogi park. It was wonderful weather to be walking through the trees. The park was filled with dogs, joggers and the like. We even saw gaijin doing hoola-hoop tricks, people playing badminton, two gaijin cosplayers (no idea what they were cosplaying from,) some EGL (probably from Harajuku)...etc. Friend: Hey, I want them to make me cocktails. Me: What? Friend: *points at guys juggling wine bottles/cups* Me: O.O Yes, I believe they were bartenders practicing their tricks. Kyaaa....so cute! Apparently, I'm easily amused by guys flipping bottles. ^^;

At Harajuku, there was a monkey mascot promoting something. I had no idea what they were promoting but...it's a monkey! Kawaii!

We were getting hungry so we decided to stop by the crepe place again. My choice? Strawberry-strawberry aka. suroberi-suroberi.

We headed to H&M and Gap as well as some shoe stores before heading back home. We took a brief rest at the fountain in Yoyogi park to do some ppl watching. *happy sigh*

new Japanese cast for FMA

FMA will have a new season...and a new cast. Of course, Romi Paku and Kugimiya Rie will be reprising their roles as well as a few of the military, namely Utsumi Kenji (Alex Louis Armstrong) and Fujiwara Keiji (Maes Hughes.) However, the others will have some changes. I'm quite surprised since Japan is pretty good on keeping the main casts throughout changes. Even with the change in companies, the cast for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles stayed the same as well as the those for the renewel Eva movies. I don't know the reasons yet but will post if I see anything.

My opinion...well, as long as the English ones don't change since I'm quite satisfied with how Funimation did. (Although I'm worried about Aaron Dismuke since he is now past puberty. ^^;) It could be because they want to take the anime in another direction so a different voice would be appropriate. I look forward to seeing it even if I'm slightly disappointed at a re-casting.

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hint of Maylene's past

Episode 21 opened with how Maylene entered the Phantomhive household. (I'm actually very interested with how Finny entered the household. ^^; Experiments...?) But the heart of plot is about Ciel recovering from the previous episode's ventures. The staff is hoping to cheer Ciel up...and Elizabeth is helping? My one thought is how Elizabeth can get so close to the demon dog, Pluto. ^^;

Ciel goes 'Mmmm' -.- alot in this episode. The servants go 'Ning!' ^_^V in this epsisode. And that's just the first half! Me: ^^; *sweatdrops*

Actually, the episodes dives into the past of all the servants...save Tanaka of course. I guess his past is already simply as a retainer of the Phantomhives. But inbetween the chaos of what's going on outside and the inside turmoil of Ciel, this may be one of the most complex and thoughtout episode of the series. Lots of flashbacks but I wouldn't call it a flashback episode. Just lots of retrospective thoughts. *glomps Sebastian*

gayness in ON/OFF

In the commercial for the new single for ON/OFF, they're wearing white with pink scarves. And they...reach for each other's...hands. Staring...into each other's eyes. O.O *fangirl squeals*

3/6/09 ~ Friday 9:45 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:45 am - NY

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a bit of Azabu Juuban

On wednesday, I went to my job interview. It took place near the Azabu Juuban district...the area which Takeuchi Naoko-sensei modeled the Sailor Moon universe after. Although it was in the evening, I could already get a feel of the area. Always, the sight of Tokyo Tower in the skyline.

Not as good of a pic as the one I got in Roppongi, but pretty good considering the rain. ^^; In any case, I will definitely visit Tokyo Tower and Azabu Juuban again. ^.^

a de-stressing place

A looooong time ago, CB, P-chan and I were talking about a place that was filled with stuff we could break. Something to take out our frustrations on. We knew it was in Japan (because everything that is cool is in Japan...except for smelly tofu since that's in Taiwan...and bubble tea...and I'm digressing. ^.^) Now we have confirmation that it's in Akihabara...as told by Japanator. So I guess P-chan is coming to Japan now? lol

otaku and their waifu

There has been hundreds of pics online that hikkimori otaku have taken of 'dates' aka. food in front of their 2-D girlfriends. Then we have this site with hundreds of such pics all together. I happily say that the owner of the site is probably not the one who took all these pics and I am sad to say that I'm not really surprised of how many lonely otaku are out there. I'm sure if they give girls the food they give to their 2-D lovers, the girls would be attracted to them...I think. ^^; Hey, I want cake too!

lol I know the analysis of 'why guys like 2-D girls more then RL ones' already so no need to explain. ^.^ I still want cake though.

3/5/09 ~ Thursday 9:30 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:30 am - NY

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employed again

I was interviewed for an ALT position yesterday. It was in the evening so I was too tired to put any updates up. Also, I was almost certain that I wouldn't get the job. Group interview with three people, and I was the least qualified of the three. Not putting myself down, but the other two were experienced. ^^; *bows out* Resigned to my fate, I was surprised with an e-mail from the interviewer. I got the job!


The ALT position will be in Saitama since the Tokyo positions are only part time and I can't survive on part time. (Well, I could but then I wouldn't be able to buy anything except my daily meals and I do need my daily BL as well. ^^;) They're paying the commuting expenses up to 20,000 yen/mon which means I would need to foot a bit of the cost. No big deal. The travel time is within 1.5 hours which is also no big deal...something I'm already used to. I would be teaching at a junior high school as an assistant language teacher to their English teacher since teaching elementary school requires more Japanese skill then I have (at this moment.) All in all...I'm employed again! *dances around the room*

BTW, the position starts in April which heralds the beginning of the new school year. In between that will be signing the contract, getting my visa and training. Ganbarre masu!

3/3/09 ~ Tuesday 9:57 pm - Tokyo ~ 7:57 am - NY

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just a little bit of snow

Today was Hinamatsuri aka. Girl's Festival. It is the time of year when girls would display their dolls outside their house and stores give discounts to females. ^___^ I was looking forward to seeing dolls, but I'm not in the right area for them. Also, the weather turned rainy and there was even a bit of snow. Alas, it was only for five minutes and most of it was ice...but I think it was close and I saw it! The snow/rain/ice continued throughout the afternoon and into the evening. It wasn't very heavy and I enjoyed walking about in it. ^.^

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Natsume's sleeping positions

lol In this episode, we'll see how Natsume sleeps. All over the place. And in a bed covered with flowers. Natsume is gay afterall. ^.^ I just realized something, Natsume screams alot for a guy. Everytime he meets a youkai, he gives a shout. I guess it's natural when you're surprised by something. Actually, if a hand from a ceiling appears in front of me, I'll be screaming too. ^^;

Good news! Natsume Yuujincho has character songs! The commercial for it just came out. I wonder if Nyanko-sensei and his other form will get songs. I wonder what Natsume's character song will be like. Looking forward to hearing it. ^.^

Hello Kitty turns Hello Sexy

MAC Cosmetics came out with a Hello Kitty line...with highlights on Hello Kitty Wild. The commercial is slow going, but keep watching since it's sure to get your attention after the girl enters the pink tunnel and emerges in a world with half naked guys in tight pants and Hello Kitty heads. o.O What happens next...well lots of touching. My only question is, does Sanrio know about this? Most likely yes so then...they endorse this? ^^; *is speechless*

3/2/09 ~ Monday 7:45 pm - Tokyo ~ 5:45 am - NY

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tiny bit of hope

I am in the process of scheduling two interviews for ALT positions. Just waiting to hear back to see when I'll meet them. One of them is definitely another group interview and they require basic Japanese language skills...so I don't know how I will fare. The other is something arranged through the job placement agency. So...I'm slightly hopeful. ^^;

*chop chop chop*

I went today to change money at the nearest bank and stopped at all my usual shopping places for groceries. My expedition through the cold wind brought forth a single daikon...but a big one at that. The lady at the register also thought so. She was remarking about how heavy it was as she placed it in the bag. Actually, I didn't understand what she said, but I think that was it. She laughed and I laughed. Hahahaha.... *sigh* ^^; To show how big it is (was since I cut it up already,) here it is compared with my laptop.

Sugoi ne? ^.^ On another note, I had some Japanese mochi with red bean paste. Umai!

Zoku Natsume Yuujincho tonight! *goes to finish cooking dinner*

3/1/09 ~ Sunday 5:45 pm - Tokyo ~ 3:45 am - NY

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golden eyes

Just saw Gundam 00 ep. 21...which had some more deaths but not as epic as last week's. Some elements that I loved about this episode was Setsuna's golden eyes. He is turning into Lelouch! ^^; (lol Not really since the only other character that comes anywhere close to the craziness that is Lelouch would be Light.) I also love the ending when both Gundams start powering up...with the pilots screaming on top of their lungs. Gundam IS Dragon Ball! ^^; Then we have a BL moment with both Setsuna and Graham Aker floating in the air...naked. And yes, the dudes have been wrung through the usual censorship codes and are sadly castrated. Only on the screen though. In our minds.... *ahem* ^.^ (Why did they even show down there? They couldn've left them with the usual hand-over-that-area censorship without turning them into eunuchs. But I digress....) Awesome episode as usual.

1:43 am - Tokyo ~ 11:43 am 2/28 - NY ~ Status: tired


I have been officially rejected from the job I was interviewed for two thursdays ago. >.< I am disappointed and discouraged...though not completely surprised. Keeping my head up and still trying. Ganbarre masu!

setto onegaishimasu

Instead of feeling discouraged at home and wallowing in disappointment and Detective Conan episodes, I went with my Nishi-obsessed friend to pay the rent and to meet her other friend for dinner at Takanobaba, a street near Nakano. At Takanobaba station, there were two large wall murals dedicated to the many series of Osamu Tezuka-sensei. Here is a pic of a part of the mural featuring the beloved Astro Boy.

Dinner was suppose to be a pizza buffet...but turned out they only have the deal at lunchtime. So we all ordered a pizza set. (I think the pizza was called 'California Pizza'...but not sure.) It came with alot of things...and for the price no wonder! First course: salad. BTW, you can't see it very well, but the fork had curves one side. I think it's for cutting...but it didn't do that very well. Interesting utensil though. ^.^

They combined our 3 orders together since we ordered the same thing. Our second course was potato slices and chicken.

Our next course was...pizza! KC, my ex-co-worker would be interested in this. ^.^ Thin crust pizza with little pieces of meat, pepporoni, green peppers and mushrooms.

What is dinner without dessert? A small slice of brownie with whipped cream. Small, but perfect ending to a delicious meal.

Eating this while listening in on my friends' French convo on various topics that ranged explicity from male body parts to dreams and karaoke. The music was jazzy to small bands that my apartment mate insists is New Orleans style. I agree, it was definitely southern. I must say I was quite sleepy by the end of the meal, but woke up enough for the trek home. We even had enough energy to stop by the supermarket so I can replenish my supply of corn. ^.^

May not have a job yet, but had a wonderful dinner. Going back for the buffet of course!