These are my closest friends. (That means when I start planning my hit list, they would be the last people I decide to kill. ^-^)

Name: haruka
Codename: P-chan
Blood type: unknown
Favorite color: purple
Favorite food: small dragon buns
Disliked food: anything with nuts
Interests: shopping, t.v. and loud music
Phobia: making mistakes while working
Motto: Do whatever it takes to get to the top and make lots of money.
Most spoken line: "Leave me alone!"
Goal: To become a successful corporate attorney
Caution: Cleanliness and sanitary precautions must be taken before confrontations, especially in territory. No movement without instruction.

Name: blackorchid, emeraldpearl
Codename: Pearly, Pearl-chan
Blood type: O
Favorite color: white, pink, blue and purple
Favorite food: Thai and Japanese
Disliked food: too many to name
Interests: Japanime, RPGs and downloading
Phobia: speaking in public
Motto: Face annoyances with your fists.
Most spoken line: "You're beautiful."
Goal: To become an international CEO
Caution: Do not insult or belittle. PROCEED WITH CARE.

Name: chinkyeyes
Codename: Jenn-chan
Blood type: unknown
Favorite color: black, blue and purple
Favorite food: Ferrero Mon Cheri
Disliked food: anything with no flavor
Interests: Action/comedy anime, Taiwanese singers, the Taiwanese show, 'Yu Le Bai Fen Bai', board games
Phobia: Looking bad in front of guys
Motto: Help others but don't let them step on you.
Most spoken line: "Hinte!"
Goal: To open a daycare center or a café
Caution: When dining, confirm the contents of menu before ordering or experience extreme displeasure.

Name: al
Codename: Alby-kun
Blood type: unknown
Favorite color: blue
Favorite food: everything that tastes good
Disliked food: Grass jelly
Interests: Strategy games, sleeping
Phobia: Shrinking
Motto: Always is no. 1!
Most spoken line: "…Huh?"
Goal: To have an awesome career or become a race car driver
Caution: Emotions are veiled behind a smile. Things are not what they seem. Proceed with caution when fire is in the proximity.