Limericks are my passion,
words just come as diction.
Whether I'm delighted,
or when my anger's ignited,
I scream out lines of abrasions.

Secret: I write to let that part of myself free: the part that continues to dream of something that could be better in a reality that could never happen. I know my reality. I know my dream.

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[ + ] No Love. Just Sex. Prequel: No Angel by Rai
* Warning * Rape warning. Sex is described in words. Don't read this if you don't like such things!
[ + ] No Love. Just Sex. by Rai
*Warning* Explicit sex is depicted in words. This story has m/m and m/f scenes. Rape and orgy warning. Don't read if you don't like such things!

[ + ] Sex: Two Way Treat by Rai
*Warning* Explicit sex between two males is depicted in words. Don't read if you don't like such things!
This is a response to a contest challenge on a yaoi forum. We take the quote, 'Sex is a two-way treat' by Franklin P. Jones and write something creative. I didn't submit this story. Instead, I submitted the small part which is after the story. ^^; This is my first original yaoi as well as the first lemon. Please comment if you get the chance. Thx!

[ + ] Healing Hearts by Rai

[ + ] Boy's Angel by Rai

* COMPLETE * [ + ] Chained by Rai (part 1-8) Final edition 12/4/06
**Caution** Part 1 contains angst and suicide.
Notes: I kept the Japanese suffixes of '-san', '-chan'...etc...since it reveals the level of relationships the characters have with each other. I also added footnotes to my story. ^-^ I footnote certain moments that I got the idea/line from somewhere else and credit is needed. Other times, notes are given to better understand something that is stated. Names are translated in the footnotes, but the Japaanese words that are thrown in are not. The Japanese words that pop up are common, and I choose to keep them as such since they are more meanful in the original language. (Like I write 'mangaka' instead of 'Japanese comic book artist.' ^^;)

[ + ] Unforgiven by Rai
**Caution** Extreme angst/depression/suicide.

[ + ] Untitled by Rai
**Caution** This story may cause extreme confusion. Drowiness may also occur so don't read while operating heavy machinery. You have been forewarned. ^-^

    Fics I enjoy all kinds,
    specially yaoi, yuri, hentai.
    My genre is slash,
    any lemony trash,
    or lime like shonen ai.

Up spoke the girl from Taipei
'You gotta do what I say.
If you annoy me at all,
I'll cut you up with a saw,
and cook you in three different ways.'

Ideals of chivalry romance,
are of fools lost in a trance.
Waiting to find,
someone to kiss their behind,
and be saved by jestors with a lance.