Fav quotes/moments from BL

Here are a list/paragraphs of fav quotes/moments from BL series. I'll add them here when I find more. Spoilers galore. Tread with caution. ^-^

Earthian by Kouga Yun, unspecified are from vol. 3.

    Kagetsuya: It's a big lie to say that you become stronger when you fall in love with someone. There's no you can get stronger. All you become is weak with anxiety. (vol. 2)

    Chihaya: Take me into the darkness. I'm not afraid of the dark. What I fear is you no longer being there. Take me with you. I'm not afraid of anything. (vol. 2)

    Chihaya: They say thunder...is God shouting. Did you know that? You drunk. Then God is watching us.

    If I were to reach out my hand now...you might become mine. I might become yours.

    If I were to ever meet someone who could keep a promise of eternity...I would never want to lose him.

    Judge: There was no penetration?
    Chihaya: No, your honor.
    Kagetsuya: There was!
    Chihaya: *blush*
    Kagetsuya: Bastard!

    Kagetsuya: No matter what happens...I'll never lie! Not about this!

    Kagetsuya: Just let me hear the truth. I won't ask you again. Do you love me?
    Chihaya: (Of course I love you) Kagetsuya...I don't love you.

    Chihaya: I know he'll understand...that my feelings are sincere. And that on that stormy night...I never want to untwine my hands from his.

    Chihaya: I've lost my wings, so I am no longer an angel.

Loveless by Kouga Yun

    Ritsuka: Do you mean sex?
    Soubi: Not now. I can't get excited for a child, Ritsuka.
    Ritsuka: (But you kissed me, you better be telling the truth. I heard you say it.) (vol. 1)

    About Ritsuka: If your mother suddenly and brutally claimed that you were not her actual son, it would profoundly affect you. (vol. 1)

    Soubi's thoughts: I was told by Seimei, so I went to Ritsuka. How could I have known...That I would come to love him so much? (vol. 1)

    Ritsuka's thoughts of Soubi: I found out for the first time today....Soubi's secret. From the first moment I met him... I couldn't imagine that he was a human being, like me... He goes to college and paints pictures.

    Kio: Look, Sou-chan, if you're into the kinky stuff, why can't it be with me? I'll brutalize you until you can't stand anymore.
    Soubi: Kio, I am not a pervert. (vol. 1)

    Ritsu-sensei: So now you have Soubi-kun with you. Are you sure you can keep him satisfied?
    Ritsuka (really Soubi): His voice is sore from screaming with pleasure every day. But thanks for your concern. (vol. 6)

    Soubi: Yes, I'm getting hard as we speak. (vol. 3)

    Ritsuka: Take off your clothes!
    Soubi: ...Here?
    Ritsuka: Here! Show me your body! (vol. 7)

    Ritsuka: You're an idiot and a masochist, Soubi, so you're only happy when things are being done to you! And Seimei is a sadist! Perfect match! (vol. 7)

    Omake: 'Loveless News Flash! Book 6 on sale!'
    Soubi: This one is really special. Ritsuka and I finally XXXX.
    Ritsuka: NO, WE DON'T!! (vol. 7)

    Kio: Hello. I'm Kaido Kio. Today I'm stalking a grade schooler. (vol. 5)

    Soubi: I wouldn't mind seeing you naked, Kio. (vol. 3)

    Soubi: I only need one person. Just one person to control me. That is my wish. (ep. 7)

    Soubi's thoughts: This skin is a nuisance. This skin that seperates you and me...it is a nuisance. (ep. 9)

    Seimei: Omae no mirai, omae no unmei. (It's your future, it's your destiny.) (ep. 12)

Viewfinder series by Yamane Ayano

    Asami to Takaba: If I want you on your knees, I'll tell you. (vol. 3)

    Asami: I already no longer want to allow you your freedom anymore. Just descend with me together to the deepest layer of hell... (vol. 3)

    Akihito: You got me drunk! What were you trying to do?
    Asami: You got drunk on your own. You were the one who offered yourself to me. And now, since you're awake, move your ass! (Loveprize II)

Junjou Romantica by Shungiku Nakamura

    Usami: What's wrong?
    Misaki: Your hands are cold.
    Usami: Then melt them with your heat. (s.1, ep. 4)

    Hiroki about Usami: Even if I spend every waking hour thinking about him, he will never feel the same. All that's left is my memory of his touch. (s.1, ep. 3)

    Hiroki about Nowaki: If...If I could just be the most important person in his life, then oh, how happy I would be... (s.1, ep. 6)

    Hiroki: Is there a limit to how much you can love someboday? No matter how much I hurt him and get hurt by him, I find myself, far from hating him, actually hoping that those wounds will scar, like burns...because then you can never forget me. And you will never, ever be able to leave my side. Loving someone so madly and helplessly like this...I will never love like this again. (s.1, ep. 6)

    Misaki: Sa...pporo? Is Sapporo in the Tokyo Metropolitan area?!
    Usami: Do you know what a map of Japan looks like? (s.1, ep. 8)

    Usami: Isaka-san, can you not see what I'm in the middle of right now?
    Isaka: Hm, let's see...you appear to be mere moments away from devouring this young boy?
    Usami: You realize that, and you still linger around?
    Isaka: I most certainly do. (s.2, ep. 1)

    Misaki: I just lo~ve strawberries! (s.2, ep. 2)

    Misaki: I never dreamed the day would come when I would be tormented by strawberries. (s.2, ep. 2)

    Hiroki: Nowaki...I'm cold. (s.2, ep. 4)

    Hiroki: a have-a-good-day kiss, a goodnight kiss, a welcome-home kiss... What are we, newlyweds from the 50s? (s.2, ep. 4)

    Misaki (to Sumi-senpai): I won't give him up-not to you, not to anybody! Usagi-san belongs to me! (s.2, ep. 5)

    Usami (to Misaki): I love you. That's why... That's why...! (s.2, ep. 5)

    Misaki: Usagi-san was the uke?! (s.2, ep. 5)

    Hiroki: Get your grubby paws off my Nowaki! (s.2, ep. 6)

    Nowaki: So when we get home, let's do it alot, okay? (s.2, ep. 6)

    Hiroki: No doubt about it, he's a giant idiot. But what does that make the man in love with that idiot...? (s.2, ep. 6)

    Hiroki: This is huge!
    Nowaki: Yes it is.
    Hiroki: It's a nice room. Okay, I like it!
    Nowaki: Yes, it's a good room.
    Mover: Sir, I can't fit any more! You've got to do something about this mountain of books!
    Hiroki: Nowaki, you get out for now!
    Nowaki: Eh? (s.2, ep. 6)

    Misaki: I lo...lo...lo...I'm sorry! I can't go any further! (s.2, ep. 7)

    Misaki: If I felt like it, I could totally...!
    Usami: Oh? You could totally what?
    Misaki: Do the same erotic things you do!
    Misaki pressed his hands against his lips and pressed it against Usami's liips.
    Misaki: How do you like that? Indirect kiss! That's erotic for you!
    Usami: Yes, you're right, it's quite erotic. Good job. (s.2, ep. 7)

    Miyagi (about Shinobu's cooking): Is he trying to turn me into a cabbageman? (s.2, ep. 8)

    Risaki (to Miyagi on the phone): Hello there? Shinobu's not here. He said so himself. (s.2, ep. 8)

    Miyagi (in front of the grave): Sensei, I love him. (s.2, ep. 8)

    Miyagi: You cry like a real man... (s.2, ep. 8)

    Miyagi: You know, being unable to sit is such a cute, innocent reaction. (s.2, ep. 8)

    Usami (to Misaki): I'm afraid. I don't want to restrain you, but at the same time I want to lock you away. Hurting you is the one thing I never want to do. But that's not reality. (s.2, ep. 9)

    Usami (to Misaki): My biggest fear is losing you. (s.2, ep. 9)

    Misaki (to Usami): Usagi-san. It's okay. I love you. (s.2, ep. 9)

    Misaki: Come to think of it, Usagi-san's hands were supposed to be cold, but right now they're very warm. I wonder why. Maybe because it's my hand closest to my heart. I'm sure it's not possible, but it feels like a pounding pulse is flowing in through my hand into my heart. Whose is it? Whose heartbeat is this? (s.2, ep. 9)

    Usami: Talk to me. If you don't, I feel like you don't need me and it breaks my heart. (s.2, ep. 10)

    Misaki: It's because you're so precious to me, that I can't tell you. (s.2, ep. 10)

    Misaki: I've got to hide it. I can't ever let him know, or I won't be able to stay with him. It's all right. I'm used to doing that by now, after all. (s.2, ep. 10)

    Misaki: Whoa! For the first time in my life, a girl told me she likes me! For the first time, it was someone who's not a guy! (s.2, ep. 10)

    Misaki: Niichan, I think spring is on its way for me! (s.2, ep. 10)

    Misaki: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! He's a giant moron, I'm so sorry! (s.2 ep. 11)

    Usami: You know what'll happen if you don't tell me?
    Misaki: Huh?
    Usami (begins reading): 'Akihiko pressed together his and Misaki's...'
    Misaki: Wahh! Why the hell did you bring that with you?!
    Usami: 'No. Oh.'
    Misaki: Okay, fine, just don't read it out loud! (s.2, ep. 11)

    Misaki: Hey, watch it! stop, not here! I said stop! Don't touch me!
    Usami: You mean, "touch me more!" (s.2, ep. 11)

    Misaki: Like how I take us being together as a given, and how we touch each other's bodies like this more and more...I feel like it really is all okay, just because Usagi-san says so; I could almost fall under the illusion. (s.2, ep. 11)

    Usami: I will protect you. (s.2, ep. 11)

    Isaka: Excuuuuse me, mock office love is expressly prohibited here. (s.2, ep. 12)

    Misaki (referring to the eels): On top of that, I have to take care of the marimo, and his plastic models and bears; I barely know what's what anymore! (s.2, ep. 12)

    Misaki (in response to Haruhiko's question if he loves Usami): *stammering* *pause* Yes, I do. (s.2, ep. 12)

    Usami: I started living with you, and now the thought of being alone, something I'd been so used to, terrifies me. (s.2, ep.12)

    Usami: I'm just happy that you chose me. (s.2, ep.12)

    Usami: To disallow Misaki's existence is to disallow my own. I can't live without him. (s.2, ep. 12)

    Misaki (pointing to Usagi's father): And you! At least teach your kids how to cross a damn crosswalk! (s.2, ep. 12)

    Usami: Meeting Misaki taught me for the first time what it's like to feel happy being with someone else. It may not be 100%, but it's still true to me. (s.2, ep. 12)

    Usami: Misaki, I love you. (s.2, ep. 12)

    Hiroki: What's going through that head of yours?
    Nowaki: Just you.
    Hiroki: No! I meant what dirty things are you thinking about?
    Nowaki: Oh. Well they involve you too, Hiro-san.
    *thwack* (vol. 9)

    Misaki (to Usami): I've been by your side for 365 days! (vol. 9)

    Kaoruko (to Misaki): Are you a fag? (vol. 9)

Yellow by Tateno Makoto

    Goh: I'm the fag of all fags!

    Taki: Are you angry?
    Goh: You bet your ass I am. Of course I am. You left without saying anything. Then I find you all tied up. Damn. If I didn't love you, I'd beat you. *hugs Taki*
    Taki: *relieved* I'm sorry...
    Goh: *begins to hug Taki tighter*
    Taki: ...? Goh...what are...?
    Goh: What do you think? Sex now. Escape later.

    Michiru: Homos are in my room!

Gravitation by Murakami Maki

    Shuichi: Hiro, ask me if something good happen.
    Hiro: What? Did something good happen?
    Shuichi: It's a se-cr-et. *blushes*
    Hiro: *grins*
    Shuichi: Say, 'Come on, don`t say that, tell me!'
    Hiro: Come on, don`t say that, tell me!
    Shuichi: I`m not telling!
    Hiro: You little...did something good happened with Yuki Eiri?
    Shuichi: *blushes* H-how did you knew?
    Hiro: How couldn`t I?!? (anime ep. 2)

    Shuichi: Now I know why you like being on top! What a view! (vol. 2)

    Shuichi: If you don't wake up, I'll rape you.

    Yuki to Shuichi: At least he shot you in the head and not someplace-you know- important.

    Shuichi: I love you so much the mere sound of your voice almost makes me come!

    Uesugi: While we do it, you can call me Eiri, and I'll call you Ryuchi. We'll both be someone else. It'll be like virtual sex, you know?

    Yuki to Uesugi: You can kill yourself, but not on my car!

    Yuki: I knew it the first time we met... I should have run you over.

    Yuki: I just came out of the closet for real, didn't I? And I did it with a smile. "Hello Japan, I'm gay!"

    Yuki: You suck in bed
    Shuichi: I promise I'll get better

Inu mo Akurekeba by Takashima Kazusa

    Ukyou: God...if you think that there's something wrong with me, then feel free to laugh as much as you want.

Weiss Kreuz by Kenichi Kanemaki and Kyoko Tsuchiya.

    I have no interest in going on a date with you!
    Well, I do!

Zetsuai by Ozaki Minami

    Nanjo: You are bleeding... Even if it seems a small wound, it will hurt you later.
    Takuto: What are you doing, jerk!? Don't suck the wound, it's disgusting!
    Nanjo: I'm sorry. It was instinct. When I am with a girl, I do that and she melts to my feet.
    Takuto: I-AM-NOT-A-GIRL!!!

    Takuto: If he really dies, he'll never be able to call my name again.

Sangen Tonari no Tooi Hito by Suzuki Tsuta

    What you're experiencing is love, without a doubt, love. One that's of the purest kind, to boot. In fact, it's so pure, I've completely lost my will to make fun of you.

Sex Pistols by Kotobuki Tarako

    Yonekuni: I will give you a child. But, after I do . . . never touch me again. That's all right, isn't it? After I bear your child . . . I'll go to the person that loves me.

I Can't Stop Loving You by Takakura Row

    Yu: If you can get it up once every 2 hours, there's 20 hours until tomorrow morning. That means a lot of sex all night long!
    Kyouji: I don't think I could handle that.

Koukyuu no Arika by Sakuya Sakura

    Don't close your eyes. Touch me - feel my warmth . . . hear my voice . . . if, even then, you're still afraid . . . call out my name and I'll come deeper inside you . . .

50x50 by Kunieda Saika

    Our lower halves are feeling nothing less than slutty...

anime Fujimi Orchestra

    Kei: You are the violinist Iíve fallen for. I canít let you go so easily.

    Kei: I love you.
    Yuki: This isn't funny!
    Kei: Yes. I'm serious.
    Yuki: That's even less funny!

anime Papa to Kiss in the Dark

    Kyousuke: You've had nothing but milk since this morning, right? You're not satisfied with just milk either, are you?

anime Winter Cicada

    Akizuki: Until the day [that we can be together] comes, I wish I could sleep as this cicada does...

    Akizuki: Please, light a fire deep within my body. Don't leave me to feel cold once you're gone. Give yourself to me.

anime Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

    Ranmaru: I know myself very well. I won't even glance at anything I don't like; if I don't like something, I don't tolerate it for a second! I won't spare it a thought. So... So that means, if I do let someone in, I don't ever let them go. Especially not the person I fell for. Al, even if you want to back out now, it's too late...!

anime Gakuen Heaven

    Niwa: A bunch of men together calls for some naked socializing!

    Saionji: My name is Saionji Kaoru. I am clearly a man.

anime Ai no Kusabi

    Iason: Iíll be waiting for that moment. That moment that you will truly become mine.

    Iason: Spread your legs more. You don't need to be shy. Pets have no shame.

    Riki: Our last deep kiss.

anime Kyou Kara Maoh

    Yuri: What's this?
    Conrad: For now, that's going to be your underwear.
    Gunter: Please forgive me. I just had insolent thoughts. I will go cool off my head. (ep. 2)

    Cecilie: Wolfy, it's you! You haven't changed; you're still the spitting image of me! All the men here must be lusting after you!
    Wolfram: Mother, we met just this morning. I'm not really into having men lust after me.
    Cecilie: You mean boys these days aren't into that?
    Wolfram: Well, I'm not. (ep. 2...dubbed ver)

    Wolfram: Why are you taking off your clothes?
    Gunter: Your Majesty.
    Celi: Kya!
    Gwendal: Oh my.
    Yuri: What are you talking about? You take yours off too.
    Wolfram: Why do I have to take off my clothes?! (ep. 2)

    Yuuri: I finally understand the feeling of embracing another guy. (ep. 3)

    Wolfram: Listen, Yuri. Even if you're found, do not make any reckless moves.
    Yuuri: What?
    Wolfram: Since you are good-looking, they won't take your life.
    Yuuri: Then you shouldn't make any moves either. You're several times cuter than I am. (ep. 5)

    Wolfram: I've finally caught you.
    Yuuri: Wolfram, why are you here?
    Wolfram: You are a cheater after all. I put a tracking device on you so that I will be able to follow you all over the world. Come on. I'll pull you up.
    Yuuri: Are you sure? If things go wrong, you will also...
    Wolfram: Then I will fall with you. (ep. 31)

    Wolfram: I'll kill you and make you mine forever. (ep. 52)

    Wolfram: I will give up my life for the sake of love! (ep. 65)

    Wolfram: No one else would understand the feelings I have as the fiance of this adulterous, good-looking man. (OVA ep. 3)

    Conrad (to Yuri): I guess this means I won't have to carry you and run away from here after all. (ep. 80)

    Yuuri (meeting Saralegui): What the heck? When did I land myself into this Princess-meets-her-True-Love situation?! (ep. 85)

    Yuuri (about Saralegui): Man, what a charming smile. He would've swept me off my feet if I were a female... (ep. 85)

no idea....

    You're my mate, I just haven't figured out what to do with you yet.

    I'm not gay! I sleep with MAN not MEN.