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My room...as of 8/3/08.

Inspired by my friend 801megane and other Japanime fans who want to share pics of their treasures. ^.^ This is not everything that I have...much of my stuff is in storage. My pics of cels are here.

Welcome! Please come in! *bows* First thing you see when you enter my room is the poster of Rin! I have on my door.

I have this poster of Cantarella on my closet door. (Both posters came from conventions. ^.^)

If I may direct your attention to my back wall, there is my Fullmetal Alchemist pictures and autographs. The autographs are from the English VAs.

Here is a quick view of the wall next to my bed....

Please note the beautiful poster of Afterschool Nightmare. (I wanted to put up the one with the three characters lying on top of each other...but decided not to. ^-^)

I have a few Gundam Wing autographs here along with another FMA and Inuyasha autographs. The GW and FMA are from the VAs and Inuyasha is from the producer Toshifumi Yoshida-san.

On top is a pic of Kaworu signed by his VA and the Eva pic signed by co-director, Kobun Shizuno-san. The Maetel Legend picture is signed by the three leading ladies and Toshifumi-san signed my Maetel pic as producer. *swoons over Kurama and GW pics*

Princess Princess is the poster at the foot of the bed along with my Loveless cosplay pics from NYAF '07. The chibi-Ritsuka pic is the one I picked up at AnimeNEXT '08. Kawaii!

Allow me to direct your attention to my bookshelves. I only have 3 filled with stuff...and you can't see everything since I have it in two layers. Confused? Allow me to show you....

Puu sits upon my FMA pocket watch while Mokona keeps my FMA movie boxsets warm. The large boxset is FMA movie limited edition from Taiwan. ^.^ Next to them are my CLAMP manga along with my FMA novels. (You can't see them, but my Clover manga are after the novels.) Behind all of that is the second layer which has all my dvds as well as few autographed cds. My Ranma 1/2 manga is there along with my autographed manga and any BL Chinese and Japanese manga. (They're in the yellow bags. ^.^)

In the middle are my YYH plushies with my FMA plushies. To the left are my FMA manga and to the left are my YYH manga. If I push the plushies out of the way...

...you can see the other manga in the second layer. What you don't see is the one of the new series Doraemon manga to the left and my RG Veda manga at the right. My doujins and RG Veda artbook are at the very right which you also can't see. ^^;

Here is the heart of my BL collection...which isn't alot. I usually keep my Viewfinder manga in the amazon.com box since it's just that special. ^.^ Behind that are my Gravitation manga and novels along with my Ai no Kusabi and Only the Ring Finger novels. Moon Child is also in there. I know 'Megatokyo' is not BL, but I don't have room anywhere else so it's there as well. ^^; Just for the heck of it, here is a pic of my two other plushies not featured above...

...Jirachi and Usa-chan! *hugs* Every once in awhile I will change the pics on the wall and of course, new acquistions are always being made to my collection. You can check out my anthology page for the rest of my dvds and manga titles. So now you have seen my room! I hope you enjoyed yourselves. ^.^ Please come again!

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