How far would you go for love?

Would you travel to another country, even if you didn't know the language?
Would you leave all your family behind?
Would you risk death for your one true love?

In Pre-Revolutionary France, turmoil of another kind is brewing. In the house of John Brighton, a young woman is meeting the man she loves. The only problem? A match between this woman, and the man she adores, will earn them both a death sentance. Follow the events in the life of one young woman. Relive those breathtaking moments of first love. Experience joy and sorrow.

Read an excerpt.

((NOTE---The material reached by clicking on the link above *IS* copyrighted. Infringement, plagarism, and passing this off as your own will result in charges, lawsuits, and/or me coming to your house and kicking your ass.))

Featured above is my own little promotional blurb for my first book, which I'm praying will be published sometime in 2002. If you've come to my site, however, just to learn more about your wonderful host, Ruby, you may click below...


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