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Hello, and welcome to Kimono Graphics! Here, I have lots of anime graphics for your site. Some I make, and some I don't. But I mostly make them. I hope you'll find everything you need. Theres also an ect. section with games and quizzes. The WWW section also has all my other sites. Thanks!
-India (Madison), Kimono Mistress


January 2nd 2006
This site has been neglected entirely. But the thing is, I'd like to bring it back. This past summer was spent organizing my files and going through old graphics that I am, frankly, ashamed of. I also spent a good deal of time reading graphics tutorials and such. Therefore, I have become MUCH MUCH better. Kimono is going through revamping and reconstruction. But it will be back.
Thank you all.

April 24th 2005
Finally got a new layout up! Woohoo! This means there will be many new things coming soon! I hope...I've been so busy I haven't been able to do anything. So I hope I'll be able to do some stuff soon. Thanks os much everyone! I recently gave out two awards!