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Children's Kimono


kimono picture

The children's kimono is basically a small version of an adult's kimono. The kimono clothing is just as elaborate and is worn with all the kimono accessories. The formal kimono is worn for Japanese festivals and special occasions. A child's kimono is usually very colorful and bright. Just like a woman's kimono, it can take an hour or more to properly dress a young girl.


kimono pictureSmall children normally wear what is called a "hanten". Hanten are made of cotton and filled with a polyester filling much like a quilted jacket. Hantens are very colorful and bright like the kimono however are very easy to put on the child.   



kimono pictureYoung girls wear the kimono exactly like an adult kimono and it consists of all the accessories. Matching zori shoes, purses, obi belts and hair accessories complete the formal dress. JapaneseGifts.com carries a nice selection of children's kimono, japanese shoes and children's kimono sash belts.


kimono pictureYoung boys wear either a kimono or happi coat. For formal occasions and festivals, the kimono is worn with a wide belt.

For sources on children's kimono please see our favorite links page.