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Japanese Kimono Robe & Cotton Yukata Robes

Kimono Robe - Yukata Robes
There are only a few types of japanese kimono robes and cotton yukata robes that are worn as actual robes or sleepwear in Japan; the gauze lined cotton kimono robe, the flannel kimono robe and the cotton yukata robe.



Gauze Lined Cotton Yukata - Kimono Robe
The gauze lined kimono robe or yukata is called nemaki meaning sleepwear in Japanese. The nemaki is the actual true "pajama" sleeping robe. 

The cotton kimono robe or also called lined cotton yukata is lined with a thin cotton gauze material making it a perfect for use as house robe, bath robe and as a pajama. The 100% cotton and the thin gauze lining becomes very soft after just one wash making it a soft and cozy pajama. The nemaki is our favorite house robe and bath robe. Gauze lined kimono usually have a navy or white background with assorted designs. The nemaki robe can be distinguished from other cotton yukata from the shape of the sleeve. The sleeves of the robe are perfectly straight.


Cotton Yukata Robe
The lightweight cotton yukata is also traditionally used in Japan as a lounge robe, bath robe and sleeping robe. The yukata robes are traditionally white or navy with a very plain geometric pattern whereas the cotton yukata worn in public as clothing have fancier patterns and designs. The yukata clothing can be worn as a robe in Japan, however the yukata robe should never be worn as clothing in public for it would be like wearing your pajamas in public.


kimonoFlannel Kimono Robes
The flannel kimono robe is  traditional robe for winter. The cotton flannel kimono fabric is extremely soft, cozy and warm, making it perfect for cold winter months. The flannel kimono robe is however made of a thick heavy fabric making it sometimes a little constricting. Women's flannel kimono usually have a lovely floral pattern. Men's flannel  kimono robes normally have a cross hatch pattern and available in hues of blues, grays or blacks.


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