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Hakama Pants



hakama kimono pictureHakama
Hakama is an outer garment worn over the kimono that are either split between the legs like pants or non-split like a skirt. Hakama pants originated as an outer garment to protect samurai warriors legs from brush when riding a horse. Today, the hakama is worn as formal attire for ceremonies, traditional japanese dance, artists and martial arts.


hakama kimono pictureContrary to belief, hakama are worn by both men and women today. The hakama pants with the split between the legs are the most well known.  However, hakama used for traditional japanese dances and ceremonies normally do not have a split for it allows the full length kimono underneath to hang nicely giving a neater appearance. Both hakama styles (skirts and pants) look exactly the same from the front and back.  



hakama kimono pictureHakama Pants
Traditional hakama pants for men are striped or solid in subdued colors. The striped black and gray hakama pants as shown on the right is the most popular traditional attire. The formal attire consists of a white under garment, black full length kimono, hakama pants and a black haori.



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