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Tatami Sandals - Zori Sandal



zori pictureZori Sandals Types
Zori sandals are any japanese sandal that has a flat bottom. Zori sandals include both the tatami sandals and vinyl zori sandals. The zori sandal is worn by both men and women and are made in a variety of colors and materials.


Tatami Sandalsjapanese sandals
Tatami sandals are considered a casual japanese sandal and are the most popular for daily wear. The sandals are called tatami which means straw. The surface of the sandal is made from woven straw like the tatami mats used on the floors of japanese homes. The thong is made of velvet and comes in either red or black. JapaneseGifts.com carries quality Japanese made zori sandals.


Vinyl Zori Sandalszori picture
The vinyl zori sandals is the most popular shoe worn for formal occasions with the kimono. The thongs are normally made of velvet or vinyl and come in a variety of colors.



japanese shoesThese vinyl zori sandals are less formal than the black ones and are the most popular for use with the summer yukata. They have a vinyl surface with a straw tatami pattern and the velvet thong comes in a variety of colors.