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" . . . it is the most lovely piece of
          clothing I've ever owned!"

-Barbara Smith (Catonsville, MD) on the haori she purchased from Kimono Source

Back from Japan!
Thank you for your patience and purchases during our trip to Japan. We're back now, and we were able to find some great kimono, haori, obi, and a few more uchikake. They should arrive over the next month, and we'll be posting them from then until the holiday season, I'm sure . . . check back here every now and then to see our most recent additions to the items for sale!

kimono obi handbag - crane motif
Kimono Source is your online source for Japanese kimono, obi, haori and other traditional Japanese clothing. We and our customers typically use these kimonos and other garments as vintage clothing, decorations for home or business interiors. Silk, linen, wool and other fibers were used to make these garments.

If you love kimono, obi, haori and other traditional Japanese clothing as much as we do, you're sure to love what we have to offer - a wide selection of kimono and other similar vintage Japanese garments at affordable prices.

Can't make a trip to Japan this year (or next)? Don't know where to go to buy vintage kimono, obi, and haori even in Japan? Don't worry. Shop online at Kimono Source, your source for kimono, obi, haori, michiyuki, and uchikake.

Kimono Source also features a kimono books section containing books related to Japanese kimonos, obi, fiber arts, crafts, and the like.

Kimono Source Products


kimonoOur kimonos include vintage and contemporary pieces handpicked from our Kansai sources (Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe). Most of these traditional Japanese robes are in very good condition, and all are excellent examples of wearable art. Please take a look at the details of each kimono by proceeding to the Kimono index page, where you will find silk, linen, wool, and other kimonos.


obiOur beautiful obi sashes include Nagoya obi, maru obi, and others. The silk fabric, weaving, and embroidery used in these garments is often quite stunning. These long sashes are best used as wall hangings, table runners, or other imaginative interior decoration applications. Go to the obi index page to examine these wonderful traditional Japanese kimono sashes one by one.


haoriHaori, which are waist-length outer coats, are perhaps our most wearable products. It's not at all difficult to look fashionably exotic while wearing one of our haori. See which one you might fall in love with on the haori index page. Call it a kimono jacket, coat, three-quarter length robe, or whatever you like, but by any name, haori are always suitable for wearing, display, or whatever purpose you may imagine.


michiyukiMichiyuki are three-quarter length coats that have square collars and necklines. Michiyuki, like haori, are very wearable, and complement many outfits very nicely. Go to the michiyuki index page for details and currently offered michiyuki. These are great overcoats for kimono or other delicate garments, since they are generally synthetic, water repellent, and easy to clean.

"I just had to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with the haori I received from your company today. It is absolutely beautiful. Even the packaging was beautiful. You have made my day. What a wonderful company you have. Congratulations."

--Melissa Corcoran, Gilbertsville, PA

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