What is the Value of Play?



Serve as a reinforcement center that provides an opportunity for the child to...  


*verbally describe activities conducted in this center, thus fostering language development
*work cooperatively in small groups
*develop self-control
*demonstrate perseverance and self-discipline
*sort and match objects by attributes such as color, size, shape and texture

*learn directionality

*demonstrate an understanding of number concepts related to sequencing, separation, and classification
*develop fine motor control
*develop eye-hand coordination
*demonstrate visual discrimination skills
*refine sense of touch
*refine eye-hand coordination



The block center helps the child to...

-enjoy the manipulation of blocks
-improve small and large muscle coordination
-learn to share ideas and work together in a group
-develop concepts such as big, little, more than, less than, equal to, shape, sizes and so on
-express creativity
-have the opportunity for non-verbal expression and emotional release
-plan and work with others to solve problems
-experience pride in accomplishments
-develop eye-hand coordination


Stimulates the child to...

~ develop skills in using the scientific method of problem solving
~ solving-observing, identifying problems, predicting, testing, prediction and generalizing
~ share discoveries with others
~ work alone or in small groups
~ see a task through completion
~ develop sorting, matching, and classifying skills
~ experiment, explore, and make discoveries
~ develop visual discrimination skills
~ develop hand-eye coordination skills
~ identify cause and effect
~ develop problem solving abilities


Offers the child a chance to...

*find sensory pleasure in music
*improve balance, coordination, and rhythm through dancing and other movement activities
*participate in a group
*develop social skills by playing cooperative musical games
*express anger, fear, joy, and other emotions through music and movement
*enhance self-concept by sharing the music

*refine listening skills by noticing changes in tempo or pitch
*increase awareness of different movementsor body positions
*learn new words and concepts through songs and movements
*sing, play instruments or compose songs

*develop large and small motor skills and dance of each child's culture



Provides a medium of expression and enables the child to...

-work with a wide variety of materials
-experience sensory pleasure by working with different media
-experiment with color, shape and texture
-use visual expression as a means of communication
-express their feelings
-assert their individuality
-experience pride in their accomplishments
-share and cooperate with others
-enhance their creativity
-develop an understanding of cause and effect
-solve problems
-develop planning skills
-develop small muscle skills
-refine hand-eye coordination

Dramatic Play

Allows a child to...

~ construct the world as he sees it
~ act out feelings and emotions in a comfortable setting
~ practice language and social skills
~ role-play characters from stories and films
~ interact with others
~ express individuality and creativity
~ play cooperatively with others
~ anticipate how to act in new situations
~ address fears and worries
~ use symbols to represent real objects and situations
~ identify and plan play episodes with others
~ draw on past information and experience to solve problems
~ identify solutions to problems that arise during play

Sand & Water

Play allows the child to...

*plan and work with others
*learn measurement concepts by experimenting with various forms of measuring
*work with a wide variety of materials
*experience sensory pleasure by working with different media
*develop fine muscles and eye-hand coordination

Book Area

The book area is a relaxing center that allows the child to...

-"read" pictures -strengthen eye muscles
-browse through books for pleasure -coordinate eye and hand
-develop personal reading interests -develop small muscle skills
-develop a concern for others -develop storytelling abilities
-try out different roles -apply knowledge to new situations
-share time and materials with others -understand sequence
-enhance self-esteem -recognize objects, colors and shapes
-develop an understanding of symbols -predict events
-increase vocabulary

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