Thomas J Story

Early morning at the beach front motel. A group of young men & women were partying hard around the pavillion last night. Some kind of meeting. I wondered what might have been left behind by the heavy drinkers.

What's this? Single red shoe, almost new, in the dew damp grass. Strange, the pavillion where they were dancing and partying is a good ways away. Wonder what happened? Did the woman kick her shoe off this far, in a fit of party revelry? Did someone swipe her shoe and toss it way out here? Did she come out here in the dark for a romantic moment, lose her shoe, and leave without it? Where is the mate? Did she leave wearing it, or did somone get it.

Lets walk closer to the pavillion. Now here's a nice specimen! A dressy high heeled sandal. Also in the grass, closer to the pavillion. No mate to this one close by. Was it tossed off as a joke, or kicked off in revelry, or dropped as the owner made out with someone? Here's a closer shot. Maybe the mates to these shoes will be on the pavillion.

Only one shoe on the pavillion, the mate to the sandal. Some plastic glasses, beer cans, napkins only other signs of the party. Here's two mysteries. One woman left the party barefoot, but how did one sandal end up way out in the lawn? The other woman may have left barefoot or wearing one red shoe. Did some romeo pour beer in that red shoe, and drink a toast? Then the shoe is tossed way out into the night (by the romeo or an irate owner or another joker). I'll leave these here until the owmers have a chance to wake up and come looking for them. Then, I'll .......