writings of gg allin. from various sources.

(Title Unknown)
In the black of night
I reach for razor blades of joy
Gashing blood for tomorrow

A Woman's Cunt
A woman's cunt is like a card game
You take the best
Then lay em down
But games get boring

(Title Unknown)
I'm fucking God
I'm fucking Jesus
I'm fucking Satan
In the name of me
I've been them all

(Title Unknown)
Speculating the interludes of conviction
For spending bodies sights no guarantee
Peculiar pictures of when I are you
Flashing cold lusts unemotional meat
Multiple choices unlimit durations
Boning up the decaying dead

(Title Unknown)
My mind is like a
Fucking bloody plane crash
Banging up against an endless wall
And shattering like a bullet in my brain
Like a cock and a cunt
Fucking till you take it
And blow it off

The Price She Paid
My ex-wife was pretty
I fucked and sucked her
Till it got boring
I had sex with her sisters and mother
Even if they didn't know it
Spilling my cum
Sucking panties

(Title Unknown)
Lets lay on a cloud
Float away into the sky
Brain cells seeking burial
From the ashes of my mind
Beneath my sculptured skull
As the wind blows through my eyes
A dragon breathing fire
To the ground
Now where I'll die

(Title Unknown)
Death in my mind
Is your bloods reality
A massacre of motionless
Bloody useless bodies
Who needs you
I'll spill it all
Of me, of you
We all need to fucking spill
Drink blood from your person
What person you ask?
Any person in your way

(Title Unknown)
Suck yourself in a dry
Blood dried wake
Deranged in a pool of blood
Let me cum in your mouth
Lover of ill extremes
Gashes deep
Lashes of fire
The fuck not of a man
But that of an animal
As I grace a sadistic smile
Clutching the stone like genitals

(Title Unknown)
Sweaty esculent prostitute of my stench
Frantically fevered in your perfumed cunt
Unreservedly entangled in your sacred openings
Your anal dungeon invites squirming saliva
Let me breathe death upon thee
Let me defile your dead corpse
Enhancing further thrills I’ll murder me
And we’ll float atop a London log
Raining bullets on observers’ frantic screams
Then escaping to our violent sexual eclipse

(Title Unknown)
Your intellectual stupidity
Think like a selling out intellect
You say I'm stupid
But time will tell of our wounds
Time will see a slicing throat
Of a selling out intellect
Or a scum sucking dog
I will claw at your slashing eyes
At your blood drained head
Ignore a igniting flame of gasoline
And the fire is my soul
See my gashing brain splatter

(Title Unknown)
Eating shit
And drinking piss
Your piss creates my cum
Your shit, my orgasm
Your waste is my sex
Licking toilet seats
I carve my meat
And bleed for your cunt
On my sharp tongue
Ass cunt, dick
Smother me in piss
Bacteria in my blood
Give me all you got
Give me AIDS

(Title Unknown)
Like skin being ripped
A barbed wire brain dripping
Blood throughout the masochistic being
You can feel
Pain is lightning thoughts of your
Shockwave of reality
Knifes in your mouth
Pain in your anal cavity
Digested blades of intestinal lies
Only hide the weakness
Your weakness is my strength
I may be a loner
But so will we all be in the dirt
No one will hear you scratching
Soul to the dirt
Scattered blood thirst spread
Your liquid to mouths
I'll drink to that
Go away

(Title Unknown)
Riding high on seclusion
Alias Miss, forever chancing risk
Too cold to feel false compassion
So hot for money will one night buy
She, the self fleeing bitch
Long haired trigger charged concealed weapon
Vicious tongue manipulating needs
'Till a formulated poison runs concurrent
Tough as the roads passing tar
Soft as a spider's arms entrapped
She the hole
Self satisfied sucking
She knows she
No one else certain
Trusting instincts only power
Betraying humans, there's all too many
Stop and go to no man's time
Forever changing courses come
She looks not into future's time
For she hides invisibly

Odd Man Out
Is there such a thing as me
Do I really exist
I touch myself often and feel cold flesh
But am I
I mean no one else can see it
Did I come from under a rock
That I will return to
Did you ever look at your trash
And see my face
And did you ever want to touch it
But no it's too fucking dirty
It fucking smells
It isn't right
But it's there to be disposed of
Take it out and bury it
After all it is waste
You already used it
Just bury it in the fucking sand
Do you ever feel like dirt?
I am dirt
But dirt has the power to bury and kill
Cleanse yourself
Breath your predictions
Sleep your narrow lust
Curb your inner mother
And mother becomes you
But again
Is there such a thing as me
I crawl through your straight line
Like a smashed up skull
On a pavement of nothingness
One and one equals nothing
Mind and you equals eternity

The Sacrifice
I believe that it is best to decide your own final end. I will not put my life in the hands of fate. We are not able to have any say in our birth, but we can decide when we want to die, and we should. Why hang around if you're ready. I will pull my own trigger. I've been playing Russian Roulette for a long time now, so I'm ready to break on through to the other side for good. I'm announcing my date with death for Wednesday, October 31, 1990, midnight. Somewhere in NYC. The stage has been my life, so I will take my life on stage. I will record one more LP to be released the following day. Welcome to my death.

(Title Unknown)
Take me to the unknown road and guide me to a ripened whore, for as the whiskey flows in my blood, it will also end at the passing of life. Piercing laughter and voices of dead mutants sharpen my mind to cut my throttle. Locked in storage I hide in the shadow of my wake. Sitting polluted in a dark smoky bar I listen with unregistered thought, but a tight coherent lock captures in my remaining cell chips that will encounter you at a later date. For if I shall die, let me die, but I will be back. I will be the second coming of the snakes dead skin. Greeting dead man. Do you remember me? I have not forgotten our gig. Welcome to the dark streets of my temple. Did you bring black roses to place at my feet? In my hand holds the fast approaching funeral. A gift to bury under my rotting corpse. And as I finish, my blood drips warmly. Leaving you only to consider how to disconnect yourself from my rapidly regressing blurps.

This Thing Called Censorship
What is all this hype lately about censorship? This is nothing new. So what's the big deal? We in the underground have been fighting this battle for many years. I myself have put out records ten years ago that would make 2 Live Crew welcome in any home. Our society would like you to believe that they are as nasty as it gets. But what it all comes down to is a game for the media, set up by our lame, stagnating society to divert your attention away from the real corruption that is going on against people life myself in the American system - we who are not afraid to challenge theirr boring morals and values and get blood on our hands in the process. The American public being the robots that they are, like suckers, fall into this trap. Meanwhile the true non-conformists in the underground get railroaded to the point of breakup, financial decline or jailed unjustly as I have been. Not that anyone doesn't have a right to sing about or say whatever they want, because censorship in any form is out of the question. The law has no right to decide that for us. But let's not turn it into commercialism to the point of forgetting what is really happening to us in the real underground of rock 'n' roll. I have already spent time in jails for what all of these people are now crying about. When I get out of prison I have four more charges (that I know of) in three other states. One is for threatening the life of my audience. Even back in 1982 I was arrested for inciting a riot and indecent exposure. Jails and hospitals are just part of a GG Allin tour. But because my shows are so brutally real, it scares the shit out of people. But reality is not a pretty sight. So as you can see, these others get rich off the media and I rot in prison because of the cover up.
But rock 'n' roll today is nothing but political ass-kissing anyway. If I was Jello Biafra, the Red Hot Chili Peppers or whoever, I would have the backing of all the music press behind me. But I am the dagger in everyone's back. I am rock 'n' roll's embarrassment because I refuse to play by the rules. I create my own. I'm uncool, unclean and unacceptable to the always cool music biz folks and the law alike. So as it stands, I fight my war alone. But fight I will because I am the only hope and future of what the underground of rock 'n' roll is all about. I am the commanding leader whether anyone likes it or not.
So for all you people who are so worried about being banned or having your record pulled from stores, well I have no pity for you. I've been down that road my whole life. Try spending some time in prison for your rock 'n' roll.

The First Ten Years
The first five years of my life were infested with sickness and violence. It consisted of living in a log cabin in the northern woods of New Hampshire with father, mother and brother. It was an extremely real, primitive, anti-social existence with no running water, little heat and unbearably claustrophobic. We boiled water, laundered and bathed in a very tiny, chipped sink. I was immensely sick with asthma, always fighting to breathe amidst emotionally uncomfortable conditions within a cabin where the wall colors were that of the ever peeling paint strips. We lived in darkness. Father hated light. Air was suffocated in eerie tensions, filled with violence, despair and endless destruction. We were more like prisoners than a family. We were prisoners to father, and father was a prisoner to himself. He always had planned to kill my brother and I, then commit suicide with mother. This was brought to our attention on many a blistering occasion. Father despised pleasures around the cabin and would consciously not allow any enjoyable items to enter into our home. If he found anything in our possession that we enjoyed, he would take it out in the woods behind the cabin and bury it. We were allowed very little contact with others, we had no phone and activities were limited. If someone came by to visit, we would all be made to hide or pay severe consequences. So we would hide. But it developed into out world. It's all we knew at the time. If mother ever refused him sex, he would furiously drag the bed out onto the grounds and burn it, setting it on fire as if all of our souls were alive in the flames. Toward the end of a long, barbaric five years, mother was plotting to engage in our escape. She had previously tried but I was kidnapped in the failed attempt. But finally one day when father was at work in the paper mill, mother packed us up swiftly leaving behind everything that could not be carried and we then escaped. Leaving behind the first five years of my life. A five years that would be scratched into my soul for eternity.
The first things she did soon after were to divorce father and change my name from Jesus Christ to Kevin Michael Allin. But more violent confrontations followed throughout the years. Mother started dating men with a flair for guns and mayhem. We were again held at gunpoint on occasions and threatened by death. But mother was getting together. She dragged brother and I through all of these hardships and chaos and raised us despite all of the many complications and sacrifices in her life. I begun hating, not trusting, fighting and feeling very distant to everyone and everything at a very early age. I observed the world around me as a mere movie. A movie full of culprits and phonies. I was the leading man outside of the screen with a hammer just waiting for my chance to smash it all to oblivion. I became introverted, keeping things locked up inside the inner fractions of my ever expanding brain map. I hung out and did what I had to do to survive in any situation. Brother and I became partners in drug dealing and theft. I never felt like I belonged around anyone, I was never intimidated. I felt superior. I hated school and all the other students. In the very early days of schooling I would purposely piss my pants so the teachers would send me home. In later days I would just say fuck it, and never go, choosing to break into houses or cars in parking lots to amuse myself and my finances.
My principal once told me that I was a penny waiting for change. But I suspect that I irritated him probably because I was making more money than he was. I also had predetermined very early in life that I obtained a special, very powerful soul that nobody could or would conceive or be able to stop me from achieving whatever I wanted. An irritating fire was building up inside of me from a seed that was planted at my birth. It was now starting to blossom. Evil fires and powerful conclusions were alive and spreading like wildfire within by burning, dark soul. Nothing around me would ever compete again. bizarre personalities were awakening within. Personalities that later in life would have me visiting a psychiatrist. I was encouraged to go by the people around me. But I refused to let it penetrate, for I knew who I was even if nobody else did. I would prevail and accelerate over their unimportant, boring, stagnating lives. I realize now that these personalities were the demons living inside of me. I welcomed them as my friends. Later in life I would have intercourse with the devil himself. I learned how to manipulate people very early in life, I had to. I could always make anyone believe what I had to make them believe. But the bottom line was, when you turn your back I'll stab you in it. I also enjoyed wearing mothers clothes as well. Mens clothes were boring and unimaginative. I was a wild child who wanted to look beautifully outrageous and bright, even if I was filled with inner darkness and machine gun thoughts.
Sexual abnormalities were awakening. I liked to play under the table when mother had company, while the folks were playing cards etc. I would crawl beneath the table to check out the tightly fitted panties and fantasize. Soon fantasy would become reality. I got off sucking the crusty cunt scrapings of mothers panties and later, on my aunts. For that matter, anywhere I would go I would raid hampers, garbage cans and toilets for panties, snot rags, piss, shit, bloody rags, etc. If female company came over I would always fix the toilet so it wouldn't flush. That way I could go in afterwards and feast on body fluids while jerking off. Later in life I would hang out at sleazy bars and bus stations collecting jars of piss and defecation for my sexual habits. I was always masturbating. All throughout my school years I had a constant erection. The first sex I had with another human was my brother. But later in life sexual confrontations with the smelliest of prostitutes, living and dead animals would prevail. I always felt like my parents must have found me on the ground somewhere and that the darkness of night came from an alien storm, leaving me from another galaxy on the backgrounds of that broken down cabin...
My demons, inner strengths and physical battles have guided me through life. Me demons and I are not compatible. We never have been and never will be. We invite you to danger, and possibly, DEATH. We want your blood, then, we want you to vanish. I guess after all I must be my fathers son, I am the second coming of Jesus Christ though aim and constant fire...

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