The purpose of this club:
    To share our knowledge and experiances with buying, building, and owning the unique automobiles generally know as "Kit Cars".  These cars can include, but are not limited to vehicles made from established kits, scratch-built cars, rebodies, and replicars.  With our gatherings and events, the hope is we can promote this hobby and to increase the awareness of these types of vehicles throughout the general public.
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--September 20, 2008, Visit to the Tebo Car Collection. 300+ cars in a private collection.  All members are welcome, 1285 S. Fordham St, Longmont, CO.  Directions -- Hover St. to Clover Basin, west to S. Fordham, block to warehouse.

This is part of the 2008 National Speedster Owners gathering, but you don't have to have a Speedster to visit the museum.

If you do have a Porsche Speedster, you may want to join them:
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