$1,000.00 SOLUTION

I have a $1,000.00 solution for Koi pond problems.  It prevents overcrowding and fish disease.  It helps ensure optimum fish health through the highest standards of water quality and filtration.  It improves pond construction and design.  It reduces maintenance tasks, saves you money, and much more!

Thousands of fish are sold each year to the unprepared hobbyist.  For example a novice may purchase a $5.00 Shusui with a $150.00 pond kit.  Like I did. This fish is headed for trouble.  Soon two Ki Ogons a Butterfly and a Ryunkin are added. In a pond it will too soon outgrow. All this by a person who has good intentions and wants to be "one with nature", but has never heard of the Nitrogen cycle.  Someone like ME! 

Would you pay $1,000.00 to solve the common problems faced by the koi hobbyist? 
I know that Shusui wishes you would!  Think of the time, money and aggravation you could save, not to mention that Shusui.  If you act now you will also create a more beautiful pond.  What can do all this and cost so little?   Is it Books or seminars, brand X filter or products?  You bet, however, they cost extra.  

HERE IS HOW THE PLAN WORKS.  BUY A $1,000.00 KOI! That's right, but not now. The plan requires that you plan to risk $1,000.00 on just one fish.  This is a $1,000.00 CHALLENGE.  Are you willing to invest, in a single fish?  You can buy an exceptional fish for $1,000.00. It will make your toes tingle.  It will change everything.  For me, it was a Mauraten Kohaku named "Bingo."  WOW!  It is so nice it is scary.  I  love this fish and it commands respect.  I have a sense of  "I'm not worthy" just looking at it.  Suddenly, I could see that my pond needed an improved.  That is why I am building a new 10,000 gallon pond. I want this fish to develop its full potential.  Most people want to protect their investment.  I want to keep this fish and show it.  Either way, it makes you learn everything you can about fish husbandry and aquaculture.  It demands that you build the right pond and buy the right equipment . This ensures excellent fish health. That means fewer losses or expensive medications and that saves you money!   Who can afford a lot of $1,000.00 fish, anyway?  Not me, especially after paying for a new pond!  Now you have fewer fish, this helps prevent overcrowding and your food bill is less, even while using premium foods.  Your water stays cleaner with less messy waste. 

Your pond will look better and you will feel better too. Like me you will want to join an AKCA club where you meet other hobbyists, make new friends and receive lots of free advice.  Everyone will want to see your new fish when you host a meeting. You may even want to show your Koi in a competition.  You will be  educating  yourself  constantly, making your hobby easier, more fun, and exciting.  It also will help that $5.00 Shusui you bought.  How else can you get so much for so little?  Take the challenge and live life on the edge. Start planning for that $1,000.00 Koi now. Like me you will be glad you did!