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Zuiko wide-angle Zoom lens - 28-48mm f/4.0

Wide-Angle to Standard Zoom Lens

A wide-angle zoom that covers the most frequently used range of 28mm, 35mm, and 48mm. With this convenient lens that packs with a zoom range of between a moderate wide-angle and a standard lens, you can change freely from an angle of view of 75 to 49.

Like most early wideangle zoom lenses, the main drawback for such lenses is its restrictive maximum aperture which in this case, the Olympus zoom does not fair any better and featured at a rather slow f/4.0 of at its fastest lens speed.

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This lens which combines a zoom ratio of 1.71 with compactness, portability and ease of use, is a favorite among users. It has not equipped with any close range focusing mechanism and its close focus ability is also restricted at 0.65 which fell short from most high performance wideangle zoom lenses. The main feature is still its zoom range which offers a broader zooming capabilities than most other Zuiko zoom lenses with endless practical and creative applications. As with the wide-angle zoom lens, combining focal length with camera-to-subject distance permits variations of perspective rendition. In addition to controlling perspective with focal length, you can exaggerate a moderate visual effects with high or low camera angles.

During early and mid-seventies, development of zoom lenses were mainly confined to focal length of 50mm and beyond. Zoom lenses with shorter focal length were deemed difficult to produce and above all, photographers were still skeptical about their optical quality and acceptance was slow. In fact, very few manufacturers managed to market any commercially successful wideangle zoom lenses until the end of the '70 where situations turned much better with generally improved product awareness with the overall convenience a zoom lens provides.

As stated earlier, Olympus has little to shout about as far as this segment of the Zuiko lens series is concerned, as there are only two more well known zoom lenses extending the wideangle to 28mm. The first was the Zuiko Zoom 28-48mm f/4.0 and another is a more excitng inclusion during the mid '90, a very fast zoom of Zuiko 28-80mm f/2.8.

This lens packed a lot of features and an impressive specifications list and you would expect it to be a very bulky zoom. However, it happened to be light, compact and covering these three popular focal lengths. But somehow, it was not that popular as Olympus thought it would be. Basically, I think the cause was most likely its longer focal length having a reach of only 50mm, which is neither long nor short for comfort and it was made even worst with the small aperture of f4.5 when used at the 50mm setting. The strongest asset of this lens is still its price and compactness which may appeal to those who prefers to travel light or one that was strapped with limited budget to spend on additional lenses.


Focal length: 28-50mm
Aperture ratio: 1:3.5
Construction: 10 elements in 9 groups
Coating: S.S.C. (super spectra coating)
Angle of view: Diagonal: 75 - 46'; Vertical: 46 - 27; Horizontal: 65 - 40
Distance scale: (m) l (28mm at 1m, 0.03 magnification) (50mm at 1m, 0.05 magnification) 10.
OO (ft) 3.5 - 30.OO
Macro mechanism: 0.25m (magnification 0.23) - 0.6m
Focusing mechanism: Rotation of front lens group

Zooming: Rotation of zooming ring
Minimum aperture: f/22. A
Diaphragm: Automatic
Filter size: 58mm
Hood: W-69
Length x max. diameter: 99.5m x 69mm
Weight: 470g

Zuiko Zoom 28-48mm F4

A super compact wide angle to standard focal length zoom with fine low distortion characteristics as well as superb image sharpness. A very useful lens for everything from snapshots and vacation shooting to landscapes, interiors, etc.

Zoom 37-70mm.jpg
Zuiko Zoom 35-70mm F3.6

An extra fast lens with coverage from wide-angle to short telephoto. Performance is comparable to a fixed lens at every focal length Remarkably easy to use, and perfectly suitable as a standard lens in place of the fixed focal length 50mms.

Zoom 35-70mm.jpg
Zuiko Zoom 35-70mm F4

The same two times zooming range as the 35-70mm F3.6, but in an even more compact format, and featuring outstanding cost performance too. Ideal for all types of general photography, from landscapes to interiors and portraits, etc.

While number may be misleading at times, quality is the ultimate criterion of any camera, especially an SLR system camera. In this respect the OM System is quite outstanding, if not comparable to other major players such as Nikon, Canon, Contax, Pentax, Leica or the Minolta. Olympus is also one of the longest serving manual focus SLR camera manufacturers and does not seemed too interested in the autofocus arena and rather put all their research effort into the SLR instead. Up to the nineties, the OM lens group has mushroomed to more than 50 odd interchangeable lenses; many of which are offering first rated performance in an astonishingly compact, lightweight format, just as their famed OM bodies because OM lens system was developed along with the cameras themselves, based on exactly the same concept of functionality. But to make the performance of true practical value, it emphasized quick operation, easy lens changing, and compactness for effortless carrying too.

As with OM bodies, Zuiko lenses do have a lot of common unique product characteristics. Other than compactness, lightweight, its positioning of controls is equally different from lenses of other makes.

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  Zuiko Zoom 35-70mm F4 Autofocus

An incredibly fast, accurate autofocus lens incorporating the amazing "Zero in" autofocus system. It works brilliantly with moving subjects, in low contrast or dim ]ight. The lens can focus down instantly and precisely without searching.


Focal length: 28-55 mm
Aperture ratio: 1:3.5-4.5
Lens construction: 10 groups, 10 elements
Coating: S. S. C. (super spectra coating)
Angles of view: Diagonal: 75 - 43 Vertical: 46 - 25 Horizontal: 65 - 36

Diatance scale: (m) 0.4 (Magnification 0.09X at 28mm, 0.16X at 55 mm) to 7.OO; (ft) 1.4 to 20.OO
Macro mechanism: Helical front group movement, full range macro. Closest focusing distance in macro range is 0.29m: f=28mm - 0.13X f =55mm -0.23x
Focusing mechanism: Rotation of front lens group
Zooming: Rotation of zooming ring
Minimum aperture: f/22. A
Diaphragm: Automatic
Filter size: 52 mm
Hood: BW-58C
Cap: B-62 (CA2-3745)
Function: Auto Aperture, Full aperture metering (AE operation when used with ALL Canon automatic SLR cameras.
Length x max. diameter: 60.9 mm x 63 mm
Weight: 220g

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