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  1. The International Carnivorous Plant Society, Inc. (New Window)
    ICPS is an organization of horticulturists, conservationists, scientists, and educators all interested in sharing knowledge and news of carnivorous plants.
  2. Carnivorous Plants Forum (New Window)
    Looking for answers to all you carnivorous plant questions? Try here.
  3. Carnivorous Plant Database (New Window)
    Includes over 3000 entries giving an exhaustive nomenclatural synopsis of all Carnivorous Plants.
  4. The Carnivorous Plant FAQ (New Window)
    Presented in cooperation with The International Carnivorous Plant Society, the Carnivorous Plant FAQ contains tons of information about the ecology, cultivation, conservation, and taxonomy of carnivorous plants.
  5. California Carnivores (New Window)
    "Learn about carnivorous plants: How to buy them and how to grow them!"
  6. Niagara Carnivores (New Window)
    Browse a seed or plant catalog, learn cultivation tips, or view one of the dozens of superbly photographed CP species.
  7. Australian Carnivorous Plant Society (New Window)
    Includes articles, pictures, seed bank and a bookshop.
  8. A Dictionary Of Carnivorous Plant Names (New Window)
    Etymological derivations and meanings of CPs prepared by Peter Cole.
  9. Fairchild Tropical Garden (New Window)
    One of the world's preeminent botanic gardens, with extensive collections of rare tropical plants including palms, cycads, flowering trees and vines.
  10. Catalani's Carnivorous Plant Page (New Window)
    Includes grow list, nurseries list, information for constructing a bog, growing tips and more.
  11. Carnivorous Plant Exchange List (New Window)
    Includes seed list, grow list and more.
  12. Carnivorous Plant Enthusiasts Web Site Of Knowledge Launch Pad (New Window)
    This site contains lots of information on carnivorous plants, growing guides, CP news, a WWW message board, and loads of links to other CP resources on the web.
  13. Meadowview Biological Research Station (New Window)
    Meadowview is an organization dedicated to preserving and restoring rare wetland plants and habitats on the coastal plain of Maryland and Virginia.
  14. Mike King's Carnivorous Plant Page (New Window)
    Mike's two main goals are to conserve endangered forms of sarracenia and to provide rare and unusual forms of sarracenia without endangering wild populations.
  15. Barry's CP Page (New Window)
    Large photo gallery, FAQs and links to other carnivorous plant sites.
  16. Galleria Carnivora (New Window)
    A museum of color photographs of carnivorous plants.
  17. Carnivorous Plants And Their Habitats (New Window)
    This page shows carnivorous plants in their natural habitat. Visitors interested in CP can see the well known plants in combination with some details of their natural growing habitats.
  18. New Zealand Carnivorous Plant Society (New Window)
    A nonprofit organization, formed in 1982 in response to the growing interest in Carnivorous Plants.
  19. C.E.G. Nursery (New Window)
    Offers greenhouse grown and field collected CP seeds.
  20. Carnivorous Plants - Your First Bog Garden (New Window)
    Learn how to build a simple bog garden in a terrarium setting.
  21. International Carnivorous Plant Society Carnivorous Plant WebRing (New Window)
    Join the webring or browse through its growing number of informative sites.
  22. The Nature Conservancy (New Window)
    The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.
  23. Atlanta Botanical Garden (New Window)
    Atlanta Botanical Garden is actively involved in the preservation of endangered plants, including many species of carnivorous plants.
  24. Carnivorous Plant Page (New Window)
    Offers the "Carnivorous Plant Commandments" and details of latest growing experiments.
  25. Nepenthes Growing Information (New Window)
    Detailed tips and advice on growing Nepenthes.
  26. Gilles Lardy Carnivorous Page (New Window)
    Plenty of CP photos and a growlist from this Hong Kong grower.
  27. A Tour Of The Flynn Bogs System (New Window)
    The Flynn Bogs System is located in Leon County, Texas, northeast of the small agricultural community of Flynn. The bogs featured in this tour are all on a privately owned ranch.
  28. Dangerous Plants (New Window)
    A grower, trader, and seller of carnivorous plants. Includes a CP growlist, growing guide, grow methods and propagation advice.
  29. Lee's Botanical Gardens (New Window)
    Lee's offers a huge selection of carnivorous plants as well as Ferns, Orchids and other plant species. Includes picture gallery and message board.
  30. Tom Dodd Nurseries (New Window)
    Wholesale Carnivorous/Insectivorous Plants, including Dionaea "Venus Flytrap", Drosera "Sundew", Nepenthes "Hanging Pitcher Plant", and Sarracenia "Pitcher Plant"
  31. A Botanical Glossary : Index (New Window)
    Has particular emphasis on terms pertaining to the study of carnivorous plants.
  32. Sundew Matt's Carnivorous Plant Page (New Window)
    Matt offers his advice on how to be a responsible grower and describes his grow list and growing conditions.
  33. Ed's CP Page (New Window)
    Here you can see pictures of deadly carnivorous plants and read about some experiments involving them.
  34. Rich's Page of Carnivorous Plant Stuff (New Window)
    Rich offers a slide show of carnivorous plant stamps and currency.
  35. The British Carnivorous Plant Society (New Window)
    The British Carnivorous Plant Society was founded in May 1978 as a focus for CP enthusiasts, allowing "growers to get together to exchange information, plants and to provide a forum to allow the development of the hobby."
  36. Nepenthes & Co. (New Window)
    "Dedicated wholly to the interminable Nepenthophile." Includes pictures, art, links and more.
  37. NepZone (New Window)
    This site is intended to display a visual guide to the Nepenthes of various Southeast Asian countries in the form of a photo album.
  38. Carnivorous Kingdom (New Window)
    View this professional grower's personal grow list. Includes trade list and links to other sites.
  39. Green Swamp Preserve (New Window)
    The largest Nature Conservancy reserve in North Carolina contains swamp, pocosin, and extensive tracts of Longleaf pine savannah. Most notable are the fourteen species of carnivorous plants.
  40. Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance (New Window)
    Mission: "To study and preserve Georgia's flora through multi disciplinary research, education, and advocacy; facilitate the recovery of rare, threatened, and endangered plants of Georgia and the southeast U.S.through collaborative efforts in our state; and communicate the importance of preserving biodiversity worldwide."
  41. Plant Tissue Culture for Home Gardeners (New Window)
    Tissue culture advice from the Horticultural Science Group, Department of Agronomy and Soil Science, UNE.
  42. Sarracenia Culture & Care (New Window)
    This information should serve only as a guide for Sarracenia culture. Light, temperature and seasonal conditions vary depending on location, however regardless of your local climate, a few general rules should be followed to ensure success.
  43. The Nepenthes Nursery (New Window)
    A carnivorous plant nursery specializing in tropical pitcher plants (Nepenthes and Heliamphora).
  44. Steve's Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    Offers CP pictures and information, plus a "most wanted" list for trading.
  45. Orchid-Guide.com (New Window)
    Everything you ever wanted to know about orchids can be found here.
  46. Arie's Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    Provides a great deal of information on carnivorous plants, in both English and Hebrew.
  47. Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    This French site includes information on the Venus Flytrap, Drosera Capensis, and Tuberous Droseras, plus a photographic library and book recommendations.
  48. Carnivorous Plants Terrarium (New Window)
    Tips and tricks for the terrarium builder.
  49. Unlimited Exotica Directory (New Window)
    Unlimited Exotica deals in rare and unusual plants, including the Venus Flytrap, Pitcher Plant, Tillandsia and Cactus.
  50. The Orchid Web (New Window)
    A nursery specializing in seed sown babies and tissue culture.
  51. The Carnivorous Plant Web (New Window)
    Includes information on flasking equipment and seed sowing procedure, CP pictures, seed sterilization techniques and more.
  52. Sherfield-on-Loddon Insectivorous Plants (New Window)
    This site is intended to be a reference guide to the many and varied types of insectivorous, or in a few cases carnivorous, plants that grow throughout the world.
  53. Fly-Catchers (New Window)
    Information on and photos of carnivorous plants.
  54. Murevarn Carnivorous Plants page (New Window)
    Includes photos, plant list, instructions to build an indoor growing house and several CP links.
  55. Carnivorous Plant Zone (New Window)
    Contains a tradelist, picture pages, CP links and information on cultivating carnivorous plants.
  56. Marc's Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    Marc lives in Belgium and has an extensive collection of carnivorous plants.
  57. Peter's Carnivorous Plant Page (New Window)
    CP chat room, dictionary, tissue culture information and more.
  58. The Ten Minute Terrarium (New Window)
    A cheap, quick and easy terrarium for low-growing plants suitable for beginners and more advanced growers alike.
  59. Cambrian Carnivores Online Nursery (New Window)
    Offers one of the "widest range of carnivorous plants and seeds in the Northern hemisphere - retail, wholesale, mailorder, export."
  60. Steve C's Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    General information and links about carnivorous plants.
  61. Carnivorous Plants of South Australia (New Window)
    Providing a range of information on the carnivorous plants of South Australia, which are not commonly cultivated.
  62. Cook's Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    This grower's site includes pricing and ordering information, growing instructions, product descriptions and some interesting CP artwork.
  63. Lee Gentry's Carnivorous Plant Garden (New Window)
    CP seed trading information, growing instruction, growlist, and tons of photographs.
  64. Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    Various CP pictures taken in Southeast Asia.
  65. John Brittnacher's Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    Documents the procedures used by the Botany Conservatory to grow and propagate CPs.
  66. Amy's Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    This talented 14 year old's site contains information about 35 carnivorous plants she has cultivated, including sundews, sarracenias, VFTs, Nepenthes and more.
  67. Iowa State University: Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    Introductory information on CPs prepared by Richard Jauron, Department of Horticulture.
  68. Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    Basic CP info, pictures, links, grow list and more.
  69. Mysterious Venus' Flytrap (New Window)
    Explores the life cycle of the Venus Flytrap.
  70. The Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society (New Window)
    Host of the ICPS World Conference 2000.
  71. Craig's Plant Page (New Window)
    Contains valuable Plant Tissue Culture information.
  72. Malesiana Tropicals (New Window)
    A retail/wholesale nursery located in Borneo specializing in the propagation of endemic Malaysian flora.
  73. Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    Basic CP information, including growing tips.
  74. Cascade Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    A worldwide dealer and supplier of carnivorous plants, Cascade's site includes numerous pictures and tons of other CP information.
  75. Botanique Nursery (New Window)
    Botanique is a plant nursery specializing in unusual plants, especially carnivorous plants. Their site contains tons of CP information and photographs.
  76. Michael Zenner's Carnivorous Plants Page (New Window)
    Includes grow list, cultivation guide and a list of approved trading sources.
  77. Toyota Tapestry Grant Webpage (New Window)
    This site chronicles Potomac Elementary School's preservation and restoration of pitcher plants in the Virginia wild.
  78. The Tampa Bay Carnivorous Plant Club (New Window)
    Includes CP cultivation tips, basic CP information, club news and more.
  79. Steve's Carnivorous Plants Pages (New Window)
    View Steve's collection of Nepenthes Pitcher Plants. Also has general information on planting and cultivating carnivorous plants.
  80. Mailing Lists for Gardeners (New Window)
    Provides links to gardening mailing lists on the Web.
  81. Flora of the GA - FL Coastal Plain (New Window)
    View photos of CPs located in South Georgia.
  82. Exotica Plants (New Window)
    Specializing in carnivorous and rare foliage plants.
  83. The (how to) Carnivorous Plant Page (New Window)
    Basic CP information, grow tips and a special section on the Venus Flytrap.
  84. The CP Jungle (New Window)
    A retailer and wholesaler of rare carnivorous plants.
  85. Triffid Park (New Window)
    Triffid Park is the largest supplier of Carnivorous Plants in the Southern Hemisphere with hundreds of varieties available.
  86. Dragon Agro Products: Carnivorous / Insectivorous Plants (New Window)
    This retailer offers a brief introduction to carnivorous plants and a current availability list.
  87. Carnivorous Plants: Cultivation (New Window)
    Includes genus list and recommended books about CPs.
  88. Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    View this Istanbul, Turkey grower's collection of over 40 carnivorous plants.
  89. Carnivorous Plants Index (New Window)
    A basic introduction to the world of carnivorous plants.
  90. CalFlora (New Window)
    A botanical resource for California on the Internet.
  91. D C Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    Lots of interesting CP pictures.
  92. Girl Scout Troop 124's Virtual Nature Trail (New Window)
    This trail features 13 species of carnivorous plants.
  93. Greenscape (New Window)
    Nursery specializing in Venus Flytraps.
  94. Gublers Orchids (New Window)
    Growlist includes: Nepenthes hybrid, Dioneae muscipula and the Cobra Lilly.
  95. Carnivorous Plants (New Window)
    View several CP photos, view grow lists and more.
  96. Carnivorous Plants Index (New Window)
    A garden catalog's list of CP growers.
  97. The French Association of Carnivorous Plant Growers (New Window)
    Official site. In French.
  98. The Pacific North-West Carnivorous Plant Club (New Window)
    PNWCPC is an organization of enthusiasts in and around Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA interested in the cultivation and preservation of carnivorous plants.
  99. Michael Brassell's Carnivorous Plants Page (New Window)
    View pictures of several CP species, including: Venus Flytraps, tropical Sundews, a Cephalotus, and Butterworts.
  100. Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society (New Window)
    Growing tips, species descriptions, links and more.

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