Suicide ⅱ                                                               무단전제 및 복제,상업적 사용 및 타 싸이트 개제를 금합니다. 위 작품의 저작권은 EunHa, Kim에 있음을 밝힘니다.





lying on a bed with

lights turned off but the

window wide -opened which

I could stand on the silt,

Suddenly I felt like(compulsively)

plunging myself through the window

the window too wide to make it  possible

I feared what if I do it myself unconsciously

what if I find myself,

all my head,and body shattered in the dark

leaking blood from my poor parts

frightened by the obsession,

I held my breath.



I changed my thought,

I will fly then.

not fall off, fly,

fly to the moon to the sky,

and finally

to myself




what I want  is

just to live


like the people in this world.