It was not what I'd imagined; I thought

the dreary, scary,

all the dead would rise up with their powder

and smoke it under the crescent

The peacefulness

enchanted me

so peaceful

so beautiful

all the tombstones were in this evergreen

the death looked so harmonious.



I've found someone; some dead, who died young,

maybe from accidents or disease

their fates took their meaning left only these stones.

Suddenly 'happy birthday, happy birthday'

small kids' choir from the neighbor just next door

the cemetery's  wall was only between them like the life and death.

listening the birth-song I found I stepped on the baby's tombstone

the baby died after a nineteen day-life.

He couldn't have the bithday-song.

but he looks so calm and still

happy like the cooling wind with the setting sun

in late July.


In this cemetery I cried, aren't they happy?

maybe I was looking for some miracle

disguised with claws.

Here's  too bright to hide.

            too quiet to cry

                                   I belong nowhere

though still it beckons me .

the gloss greeness

the powder peace.




                               위작품의 저작권은 kimeunha에 있으며 무단복제,전제, 게재 및 상업적사용을 금합니다.