Living is




Living is
Waiting what the worst will be
Behind me overwhelmed by
Fear and horror doing nothing but
Sleeping to forget my existence itself.



Living is
Being fainted by constant small, tiny
Worrisome defeated by
Telephone bill, back rents.
Headache, ache, and 'a' token



Living is
Succumbing to the burden
Of life holding a number
Of bags sweating waiting with
Empty eyes oncoming train
After monthly shopping at the
Cheapest grocery store.
Far, far from home.



Living is,
On the way home,
Looking countless birds on
Golden apple trees.
Surprised by piling dead leaves,
by fleeting time
Reminding the red apples in September.
At tunes dropped on the trassy ground
For squirrels.



Living is,
After scattered by all
Anonymous torments, sitting on a cold
Stoned bench trembling in half-
Frozen air looking up the bluest sky,
Down the most desolated mind
Tearing just one drop
On the palm.



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