Swan Song

                   to my neighbor

When you were singing
with your weak, decrepit
voice I'd never heard,
your room always kept silent, no one had come,
suddenly bore
a fruit of vitality on the line,
between you and me, transformed
through the wall. your song,
of ours echoing to my skull.

When you were singing,
you forgot preparing your
place wandering somewhere
but you happily singing,
I wondered how you could hear
yours; My loud voice never
reached you.

When you were singing,
your tiny voice getting
louder and louder,
you singing a marching song,
endless walk,
until the 'knock, knock'
by your nervous neighbor.

When you were singing,
you forgot having
counted the number
of the moon's sinking
and fulling, being
enticed by the siren.
you were, as we are,
to be wrecked in the midst
of the abyss.

When you were singing,
you forgot having moaned
last night, the egg-yolk
like moon above your white bottle filled with pills
was tearing on your deep wrinkles, I thought
you might have gotten to the place
far, far from here, near
from my sad soul.

But when
you were singing
I could see some'thing'
undefined in this Earth's
language budding from mud
finally forming in my mind,
the green,
sparkly green


            written by  kimeunha

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