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 Magic 1 through 5



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 Magic 1

Title : Three business cards.

 Needed item: 3 business cards

 Outline: Spread the three cards in your hands as if it was a fan. Show the face and back of it to the audience. Pick one out with the other hand. But there are still three cards left in the previous hand. This magic is where the number of cards in the first hand always remains three. This can be done to surprise your girlfriend in front of your friends.






 Magic 2

Title: A stick that comes from a purse.

Needed item: a purse, a stick(this can be found at a store, try to look for the biggest chopsticks)

 Outline: Open up a small purse and show the inside as well as the outside to the audience. It is an empty purse, but as soon as you cast a spell, a stick that's well over 50cm comes out. The audience fall back in surprise and you hand them the stick to feel. This is really something.






 Magic 3

Title: A floating lady

 Needed item: crane(this magic is difficult to do just for fun) but it states how it is done.

 Outline: No matter how carefully you look, there is nothing on stage, but then the lady lying down starts floating up in the air. You pass a hola hoop through the whole body but it doesn't get stuck anywhere.






 Magic 4

Title: The Magic wand gets smaller.


 Move the wand from one hand to the other showing it to the audience, cast a spell and the wand becomes half its actual size.






    Magic 5

Title: Magic dove. Needed item; If you can get a dove, try to get a rabbit from a nearby store or farm, hat, chair, a thin plywood box, the instructions for building the box are listed in learning the magic.

Outline: Take off your hat and show the audience that it is empty. Place the hat with the bottoms up and pull out a wriggling white dove. The audience love it. You  can stop at that or else move forth to another one. Take the dove or else the rabbit and place him in the box. Dismantle the box piece by piece and even when the final piece is dismantled, the rabbit or dove has disappeared. If you practice this magic, it will be a million dollar show.

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