Preview on Magic numbers 11 through 15

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 Magic 11 Title :A Citron Becomes an Apple    ...........

Outline: There are several different fruits in a basket. You pick up a citron and show the audience that what your holding is not an apple but a citron. Cover the citron with an handkerchief, cast a spell, remove the handkerchief and in your hand is an apple, throw it into the audience for them to eat. It can be performed anywhere. Needed item : a small apple, a few big citrons, it can also be done with imported oranges.



 Magic 12  Title : A beautiful lady appears from a box

Outline: No matter how carefully the box is examined there is no lady, but when you cast a spell, a beautiful lady appears from the box.



 Magic 13  Title : A Dancing Cane

A one meter cane dances in the air. In can be performed anywhere on the stage. Needed item : use a beautifully made cane.



 Magic 14  Title: 10 Matches

Outline: Show the audience a match box with 9 matches neatly placed. Close the match box, cast a spell, and behold, in front of you when the match box is opened is ten matches. It can be performed anywhere. Needed item; a box of matches.



 Magic 15  Title: A flowing ribbon from a bottle

Outline: A dry ribbon keeps on coming out from a bottle full of water or alcohol. Needed item: a bottle, a ribbon purchased from a flower store.