Magic 16  Title: The Superhuman Strength

Outline: A power that can beat the mighty Hercules. Even the ladies or a child can beat Hercules. A stage magic. Needed item: two poles and a rope.



 Magic 17  Title: A Knife or a Fork

Outline: Cover a knife carefully with an handkerchief, cast a spell, and when the handkerchief is removed, a fork is placed in front of you. Needed item: a knife, a fork and an handkerchief.



 Magic 18  Title: A Hundred Dollar Bill Inside a Matchbox.

Outline: Show the side and back of the matchbox, cast a spell and then open the matchbox to show that there is a hundred dollar bill inside it. Needed item: a matchbox and a hundred dollar bill.



 Magic 19  Title: A Water Cup Disappears in the Air

Outline: Cover a glass cup with an handkerchief, hold in up high in the air and shout bravo, the cup then disappears. Needed item: a glass cup and an handkerchief.



 Magic 20  Title : Making knots with an handkerchief

Outline: Wave your arm around the air with a handkerchief tied to it, and find out that there are many other knots tied onto it. Needed item: handkerchief