Preview on Magic numbers 21 through 25

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 Magic 21  Title: A Person Who Boils Water

Outline: When the price of oil is as high as it is nowadays, this is an appealing magic. One can boil cold water in just a second.



 Magic 22  Title: Will Our Love Come True

Outline: This magic can tell whether a love between two lovers can be maintained. The fortune is told with one trump card and one handkerchief, this will get the couple closer to each other. Needed item: one handkerchief and one card.



 Magic 23  Title: The Strangling of the Neck

Outline: A rope is tied around the neck and strangled to the point a person might even die, but then the rope is suddenly turned loose. Needed item: a rope.



 Magic 24  Title: A Fire at the Bank

Outline: Place a coin inside an envelope and light it, but after the envelope is all burnt up and when looked into the ashes, the coin can't be found. The coin comes out from the magician's pocket. Needed item: coin and an envelope



 Magic 25  Title: Holding up a Flowerpot

Insert a rope inside the mouth of the bottle, and slowly pick the bottle up. Needed item: an opaque bottle.