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 Magic 26  Title: Money Making Watermelon

Outline: The last time you cut up the watermelon, you found a 50 cent coin, so you decide to try one more time, only this time, when you cut up the watermelon 2 one dollar coin appears, amazing your family. Needed item: 50cent coin and 2 one dollar coins.



 Magic 27  Title: Coins Keep on Coming Out

Outline: No matter how hard you look, there's nothing inside but the coins keep filling up in the cup. Needed item: coins, cup



 Magic 28  Title: A Coin that comes out from a Business Card

Outline: You are just holding two cards together but the coins keep falling out. This can be performed on stage or a room, when you are out of money. Needed item: business cards.



 Magi 29  Title: A Hole in the Hat

Outline: This is a magic, just to have fun with your friends. You poke a lot of holes into the hat but later show them that there aren't any holes on it. This can be performed on stage or with a bit of distance from your audience. Needed item: a hat



 Magic 30  Title: Bonanza

Outline: A uncountable number of coins keep falling from the sky. Fill up a fairly large cup.... This can be performed anywhere and when your out of money. Needed item: cup